Sing along with Mitch: #McConnelling on YouTube is the new #Eastwooding

Sing along with Mitch: #McConnelling on YouTube is the new #Eastwooding!/jxflavell/status/444844430747377664 It was inevitable, really. Mitch McConnell’s campaign team recently issued what RedState’s Ben Howe called “the worst campaign ad in the history of politics with the creepiest opening I’ve ever seen.” Composed of uncomfortably long, lingering, wordless takes, the ad provided plenty of B-roll footage for SuperPACs to use later in campaign spots. It […]

The Top Political YouTube Videos of 2011

From candidate ads to pundit debates, speeches from the White House to impassioned pleas from the American heartland, this year’s most-viewed political videos show us that a message that resonates can come from anywhere — and anyone. Surpassing the President and various presidential hopefuls in views, the #1 video on our list comes from a […]