Sarah Palin proposes new hashtag for Michelle Obama, celebrities

Sarah Palin proposes new hashtag for Michelle Obama, celebrities

White House and concerned celebrities – how about this, too? Thank you. - Sarah Palin — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) May 23, 2014 #BringBackOurGirls is a worthy cause, but how about this, too? As long as the White House is engaging in hashtag diplomacy, why not have the first lady hold up one more sign, demanding […]

Levi Johnston: Money prompted Palin to resign. More coverage of Governor Palin’s resignation

The former fiance of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter says he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning– concerns over money. Johnston spoke at a news conference Thursday at the office of his attorney.(July 9) Palin’s future remains a mystery Since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she was quitting, analysts have speculated […]

Sarah Palin: ‘I am not a quitter; I am a fighter’

Fairbanks, AK – KTVF local news — Governor Palin to step down From Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston CNN Special Investigations Unit ANCHORAGE, Alaska (CNN) — Sarah Palin’s not a quitter, she wants the public to know. Sarah Palin’s attorney said there is no legal reason that compelled her to resign as governor. Sarah Palin’s […]

Sarah Palin on ‘Today’ show with Matt Lauer, Talks about the GOP and yes David Letterman

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin visited NBC’s “Today” show with Matt Lauer and talked about ‘who’s the voice of the GOP?’, the pipeline deal for Alaska and the ongoing “feud” between Sarah Palin’s family and David Letterman whose infamous jokes toward Palin’s daughters has now become the center of media’s attention and doesn’t look like it […]

Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow

After we have listened endlessly to Obama tell us all how he would help the middle class and the poor, and how the GOP was out of touch with real Americans, he spent $160 million dollars on his inauguration party. This was the most expensive inauguration celebration ever…by far. The Wall Street Journal reports that […]

10 Biggest Political Lies of 2008

1. Hillary Is A Liar In Campaign, But A Heroine As Secretary Of State

The Democratic primary was brutal, and the attacks on Hillary were relentless. If half of what was said in the attacks were true, and Hillary was so unfit, why is she such a great choice for Secretary of State? We think she is an exemplary selection and the attacks on her were some of the biggest lies and distortions of the campaign.

Why They Burned Sarah Palin’s Church

The media attacks on Sarah have been endless both during and after the campaign. Some have admitted they were complete lies and distortions but continue to exploit Sarah. The derisive nature of the media breeds the anger and hatred evident in this attack on Sarah’s church.