Crooked Politicians on Both Sides Fear Trump

Crooked Politicians on Both Sides Fear Trump

Indeed, the politicians are afraid of being exposed. They have been operating a corrupt government for decades, and manipulated America, concealing what would be considered illegal or immoral if exposed. Trump risks their careers in government because he is not one of the crowd. And if you or I were in his position, and we […]

Massachusetts and Scott Brown Snub Obama

What does the election of a Republican Senator from Massachusetts mean?  It means the Democrats now have to start answering to the American people.  Balance was in order, and the most Democratic state in the nation voted Republican by a wide margin (yes, he ran as an Independent, but it was clear he would not […]

Levi Johnston: Money prompted Palin to resign. More coverage of Governor Palin’s resignation

The former fiance of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter says he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning– concerns over money. Johnston spoke at a news conference Thursday at the office of his attorney.(July 9) Palin’s future remains a mystery Since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she was quitting, analysts have speculated […]