George Soros Purportedly Uses Hillary to Fund Terrorism

George Soros Purportedly Uses Hillary to Fund Terrorism

George Soros has been vocal in his hatred of Israel and the Jews. He has funded radical Islamic organizations. Today, more corruption came to light regarding the Clinton Foundation and it points directly at George Soros and the funding of terrorism. It has been discovered that a Clinton aide was related directly to a radical […]

Dick Cheney Slams Misguided Obama Economic Advisor

Cartoon by Eric Allie of the Pioneer Press and CNS News Since the campaign for the Presidency began, we have heard the Democrats decry that the recession was the fault of GOP economic policies of the Bush Administration. When that wasn’t sufficient, they made equally hollow references towards Reaganomics or “Trickle Down Economics”. None of […]

Liberal Media Shies Away From Henrietta Homeless

The liberal media has gone silent about Henrietta Hughes, the woman that begged for aid from Obama during his campaign to promote the spendulus bill. We find this quite amusing considering the way they attacked Joe The Plumber during the Presidential campaign. Joe adorned their front pages daily for weeks as they accused him of […]

7 Days To The Magic Negro

When we heard this phrase coined with respect to Obama we immediately tried to get the URL, but it was already taken, to our dismay.

Nonetheless, we felt this was a classic designation for our new President elect. His election and fund raising did indeed seem almost magic. A virtual unknown and inexperienced black man defeated many seasoned veterans in his quest to become the 44th President of the US. He raised the most money in history, and by a wide margin. He thrived on the Internet and became a hero of such websites as, and even Youtube even though the vast majority of people worshiping him knew nearly nothing about him politically.