The Truth Could Bring Down The US Government

The Truth Could Bring Down The US Government

How can the US Government prevent the truth from coming in a nation that does not censor the internet? It keeps coming, has for six years. People risk their lives to bring it to us. Wikileaks is a great example, because it started over six years ago, and is still crushing the FBI under its […]

Government Becomes The Hacker

The truth of the matter is the government is increasingly threatened by cyber attack.  They are losing the battle.  Leaks are occurring at an alarming rate, and national security is at risk. The order Obama is likely to make on Wednesday is geared towards protecting against cyber attacks is targeted at industry, but is geared […]

It Is Stunning What Lies Internet Viewers Endorse

In a prior article, we exposed a lie that was being used to get DIGGs. We have since scanned the DIGG community to see what other types of articles get DIGGs. What we have found is that an article can be abysmal. It can have no redeeming qualities, fail to address current issues and be […]

Geeks Love Apples And George Bush, CAN U DIGG IT?

Are there ways to get more DIGGs? Indeed there are. It has been noticed that something as simple as the title can make all the difference. Key words like “Apple” and “Geek” are often found in titles for articles with numerous DIGGs. Even hating the right person can get you in. Articles that attack George […]