It Is Stunning What Lies Internet Viewers Endorse

In a prior article, we exposed a lie that was being used to get DIGGs. We have since scanned the DIGG community to see what other types of articles get DIGGs. What we have found is that an article can be abysmal. It can have no redeeming qualities, fail to address current issues and be […]

Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow

After we have listened endlessly to Obama tell us all how he would help the middle class and the poor, and how the GOP was out of touch with real Americans, he spent $160 million dollars on his inauguration party. This was the most expensive inauguration celebration ever…by far. The Wall Street Journal reports that […]

1100+ DIGGs For A Lie

People believe what they want to believe, and the left are so enamored with Obama that they embrace every headline without engaging their brains. This lie was propagated on the HuffingtonPost, where most lies on the web go to roost.  And the members of the DIGG community blindly endorsed it, thinking their fearless leader had […]