10 Biggest Political Lies of 2008

1. Hillary Is A Liar In Campaign, But A Heroine As Secretary Of State

The Democratic primary was brutal, and the attacks on Hillary were relentless. If half of what was said in the attacks were true, and Hillary was so unfit, why is she such a great choice for Secretary of State? We think she is an exemplary selection and the attacks on her were some of the biggest lies and distortions of the campaign.


If you believe that illegal speculation allowed by deregulation during the Bush Administration should be stopped, please DIGG this.  Obama can stop it!! We submitted several articles on our site explaining how speculators are DAMAGING our markets and our savings.  We think what the Feds did today was critical to send a message to short […]

US Citibank Bailout Eats Short Sellers & Speculators Alive

In our earlier article we explained how speculation was crushing our financial institutions in the same way it drove oil artificially to nearly $150 a barrel.  Market Watch confirms this with this quote. Last week, short sellers focused on the perfect storm surrounding Citigroup, selling the shares in unprecedented volume as the concern about the […]