The Big Lie: Invest In America

cartoon by Nick Anderson There is a certain trust required for any investment to be made. You have to trust that the party on the other end of the investment is solid, believable and honest. If you place your savings in a bank at 2%, you expect to get your principle back plus the 2%. […]

Democrats Stealing US Funds To Continue Campaign

Apparently, the Dems are tiffed that their bills, full of billions of dollars in earmarks for organizations such as ballot-stuffing ACORN, are not bought into by the Republicans. Their response?  To spend huge amounts of tax payer dollars to run campaign ads attacking anyone that disagrees with them. When you can’t get your massive random […]

Obama’s Buddies, Why ACORN Stuffed the Ballot Box

You have no doubt heard of the new stimulus package. The cost? North of 800 billion dollars. It does not take a great leader to increase our debt 800 billion dollars and pump that money into the economy. Any schmuck could have done that. But Obama is no schmuck, and neither are the questionable people […]

Financial Markets Collapse In Response To Obama Inauguration

The stock market plunged today during and after the inauguration of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the US. The DOW was down more than 300 points or 4% and the NASDAQ a crushing 88 points or 6%. Optimism surrounding Obama’s presidency was left to the liberal blogs and fanatics throwing shoes at the […]


If you believe that illegal speculation allowed by deregulation during the Bush Administration should be stopped, please DIGG this.  Obama can stop it!! We submitted several articles on our site explaining how speculators are DAMAGING our markets and our savings.  We think what the Feds did today was critical to send a message to short […]

US Citibank Bailout Eats Short Sellers & Speculators Alive

In our earlier article we explained how speculation was crushing our financial institutions in the same way it drove oil artificially to nearly $150 a barrel.  Market Watch confirms this with this quote. Last week, short sellers focused on the perfect storm surrounding Citigroup, selling the shares in unprecedented volume as the concern about the […]