Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow

After we have listened endlessly to Obama tell us all how he would help the middle class and the poor, and how the GOP was out of touch with real Americans, he spent $160 million dollars on his inauguration party. This was the most expensive inauguration celebration ever…by far. The Wall Street Journal reports that […]

Obama’s Buddies, Why ACORN Stuffed the Ballot Box

You have no doubt heard of the new stimulus package. The cost? North of 800 billion dollars. It does not take a great leader to increase our debt 800 billion dollars and pump that money into the economy. Any schmuck could have done that. But Obama is no schmuck, and neither are the questionable people […]

How To Destroy The US Auto Industry…

It is little surprise that the primary products made by US Automakers are larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. In fact, the US Automakers make the best trucks in the world. They also offer the largest selection of SUVs. The temporary spike in oil prices in 2007-2008 led to a huge decline in the […]

Obama Building… Lying to America to Create An Imaginary Hero

Yesterday, news broke that Citibank, despite its turmoil and despite having accepted billions in federal aid to stay afloat, was purchasing a 50 million dollar jetliner. Citi added insult to injury when it was discovered that the jet they were in the process of purchasing was foreign made! In response, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan […]

Obama Buddies Up With Iran And Terrorists

The flurry of activity out of the White House reminds us of the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn (at least Christian children anyway).  Obama is attempting to fix the entire world overnight and the disasters waiting to happen appear to be on every news outlet. The latest?  Diplomacy with Iran.  A nation whose […]

Financial Markets Collapse In Response To Obama Inauguration

The stock market plunged today during and after the inauguration of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the US. The DOW was down more than 300 points or 4% and the NASDAQ a crushing 88 points or 6%. Optimism surrounding Obama’s presidency was left to the liberal blogs and fanatics throwing shoes at the […]

Solutions For America’s Struggling Economy

10 Biggest Political Lies of 2008

1. Hillary Is A Liar In Campaign, But A Heroine As Secretary Of State

The Democratic primary was brutal, and the attacks on Hillary were relentless. If half of what was said in the attacks were true, and Hillary was so unfit, why is she such a great choice for Secretary of State? We think she is an exemplary selection and the attacks on her were some of the biggest lies and distortions of the campaign.

The Stupidest Article On The Huffington YET…

This one takes the cake. Huffington is notorious for making stories where none exist…

Men Are So Much Smarter Than Sarah Palin

Some readers of our site have stated that attacks on Sarah Palin are not sexist, they say it is because she is stupid.

Why Obama Is What America Needs! The Melting Pot!

We think Obama portrays a more important image… The color of our skin does not matter.

Barney Frank And Saving The US Auto Industry

Barney Frank is up to his old shenanigans, attempting to thwart the saving of jobs in America…

Obama’s First Youtube Address

The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President (Part 2)

We are happy to see in our readings on the web that so many people are excited and happy about Obama’s election.