Why They REALLY Want to Cut Social Security

Why They REALLY Want to Cut Social Security

As I read yet another politician stating we cannot balance the budget without cutting entitlements such as Social Security and Medicaid, I realized how numb I have become to these proclamations. They have now been used for decades. The truly sad part about saying it now is because in 2009, the banks and investment companies […]

The Big Lie: Invest In America

cartoon by Nick Anderson There is a certain trust required for any investment to be made. You have to trust that the party on the other end of the investment is solid, believable and honest. If you place your savings in a bank at 2%, you expect to get your principle back plus the 2%. […]

10 Biggest Political Lies of 2008

1. Hillary Is A Liar In Campaign, But A Heroine As Secretary Of State

The Democratic primary was brutal, and the attacks on Hillary were relentless. If half of what was said in the attacks were true, and Hillary was so unfit, why is she such a great choice for Secretary of State? We think she is an exemplary selection and the attacks on her were some of the biggest lies and distortions of the campaign.