Authorities Begin To Admit Their Lies of Heroism and Daring Do, Shot Unarmed Man in Boston Marathon Bombing Pursuit

Here is something that authorities did not want you to know, because if you knew the day of the capture, you would have realized these men were no heroes. At that time, they confronted and exchanged fire with an armed suspect determined to make a last stand. Authorities repeated it again and again. The media […]

Wife Of Dead Marathon Bombing Suspect Cleverly Remains Silent

The FBI and Police would like nothing better than to speak to Katherine Russell, the wife of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The questions they would have for her are many. In fact, according to sources, Federal agents yesterday made three visits to the Rhode Island home of the parents of Katherine Russell, 24, an all-American-girl-turned-terrorist’s-bride. To some, […]

Editorial: Was a four year old framed for murder?

Disclaimer: Before reading this article, note that this in no way represents determined facts nor is it based on any investigation of any kind. It is merely a response to the article printed on CNN.COM and is not intended to imply guilt or make any accusation. The article is intended solely to indicate that if […]

More Exposed Lies From The Boston Marathon Bombing While Neil Diamond Sings Sweet Caroline At A Red Sox Game

Lies to get publicity in the face of an act that killed innocent people are abhorrent to say the least. And yet, our media and state and local authorities appear to, as we stated yesterday, to have spewed many falsehoods to portray their actions as vastly more heroic than they were, to fabricate stories to […]

Organic Gardening To Reduce Government Debt

This past economic downturn has caused many in America to reassess their opinions regarding public assistance programs. After the banks, mortgage companies and investment houses robbed America blind, many people that had never before required public assistance were suddenly searching for financial help with their healthcare, housing, energy and food expenses. However, now that the […]