Making A House Into A Home, HuffingtonPost Lies About Obama Staged Incident

If you have ever been to a magic show or stunt show, quite often they will ask for a volunteer. The volunteer dawns the stage and the performer amazes us all as the feat of daring-do plays out. Shows demonstrating how magic tricks are done have aired on television many times, so it shouldn’t be […]

America Greets Democratic Stimulus (Spending) Package With Disdain

Today, the most abysmal bill in the history of America was passed by the Senate. The bill was intended to save us all from impending doom according to our President. The bill is a quagmire of legalese that ties up nearly a trillion dollars for Congressional pet projects. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it […]

The Lie Of Urgency

When someone tries to sell you on something you don’t really want, a sales tactic is often used that is common around the world.  The general idea is to make you feel as though you have to act “NOW” or you will lose the opportunity forever. In our experience, every time we have fallen for […]

Making Rocket Science Out Of Stimulus: Valentine’s Day UPDATE

Valentines Day Update: This sad bill has now been modified and pushed through both the House and Senate in totally partisan fashion.  The only traitors to America on the Republican side were Senators we believe were financially coerced into agreeing with the bill and should be investigated and removed from office. The bill, even in […]

Barack Obama on Executive Compensation

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION Grand Foyer, The White House February 4, 2009 THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Tim, for your hard work on this issue and on the economic recovery. The economic crisis we face is unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s a crisis of falling confidence and rising debt, of […]

Obama’s New Republic, Obama’s First Attempt To Impose Socialist Law

O bama made a sweeping statement today to impose a restriction on what CEOs of companies that accept US bail-out money can earn. This is not only misguided, it is illegal and in direct conflict with the Constitution Obama swore he would uphold. This is Obama’s first attempt at passing socialist legislation, and he is […]

Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow

After we have listened endlessly to Obama tell us all how he would help the middle class and the poor, and how the GOP was out of touch with real Americans, he spent $160 million dollars on his inauguration party. This was the most expensive inauguration celebration ever…by far. The Wall Street Journal reports that […]

Obama’s Buddies, Why ACORN Stuffed the Ballot Box

You have no doubt heard of the new stimulus package. The cost? North of 800 billion dollars. It does not take a great leader to increase our debt 800 billion dollars and pump that money into the economy. Any schmuck could have done that. But Obama is no schmuck, and neither are the questionable people […]

How To Destroy The US Auto Industry…

It is little surprise that the primary products made by US Automakers are larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. In fact, the US Automakers make the best trucks in the world. They also offer the largest selection of SUVs. The temporary spike in oil prices in 2007-2008 led to a huge decline in the […]

Obama Building… Lying to America to Create An Imaginary Hero

Yesterday, news broke that Citibank, despite its turmoil and despite having accepted billions in federal aid to stay afloat, was purchasing a 50 million dollar jetliner. Citi added insult to injury when it was discovered that the jet they were in the process of purchasing was foreign made! In response, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan […]

Obama Buddies Up With Iran And Terrorists

The flurry of activity out of the White House reminds us of the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn (at least Christian children anyway).  Obama is attempting to fix the entire world overnight and the disasters waiting to happen appear to be on every news outlet. The latest?  Diplomacy with Iran.  A nation whose […]

Barack Obama’s First Weekly Address Since Being Sworn in President

Download: The American Reinvestment and Recovery Plan – By the Numbers (PDF) Read the full transcript of President Obama’s message

Does Guantánamo Violate The US Constitution?

In November, before Obama’s election, we presented an article calling attention to how obviously naïve and dangerous it was to consider the release or US trial of all prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. On Thursday, President Obama signed an executive order to shut down Guantánamo within a year.

Cadillac One Obamobile: Barack Obama’s Presidential Limo

Nicknamed “The Beast”, the Cadillac One made its debut on 20 January, as part of the inaugural parade of President-elect Barack Obama. The “super car” is built by General Motors in Detroit and based on a Cadillac chassis. A graphic design by John Lawson has been circulating around the web depicting features which may or […]