How To Get Ejected From Congress

Update: We are seeing our markets collapse today as they have consistently since the spendulus bill was passed.  This collapse is the result of a series of lies and betrayals by government officials and CEOs.  The lies are palpable.  Just days before the last bailout of Citibank, the CEO told us how the bank was […]

The Lie Of Urgency

When someone tries to sell you on something you don’t really want, a sales tactic is often used that is common around the world.  The general idea is to make you feel as though you have to act “NOW” or you will lose the opportunity forever. In our experience, every time we have fallen for […]

1100+ DIGGs For A Lie

People believe what they want to believe, and the left are so enamored with Obama that they embrace every headline without engaging their brains. This lie was propagated on the HuffingtonPost, where most lies on the web go to roost.  And the members of the DIGG community blindly endorsed it, thinking their fearless leader had […]

Democrats Stealing US Funds To Continue Campaign

Apparently, the Dems are tiffed that their bills, full of billions of dollars in earmarks for organizations such as ballot-stuffing ACORN, are not bought into by the Republicans. Their response?  To spend huge amounts of tax payer dollars to run campaign ads attacking anyone that disagrees with them. When you can’t get your massive random […]

Obama’s Buddies, Why ACORN Stuffed the Ballot Box

You have no doubt heard of the new stimulus package. The cost? North of 800 billion dollars. It does not take a great leader to increase our debt 800 billion dollars and pump that money into the economy. Any schmuck could have done that. But Obama is no schmuck, and neither are the questionable people […]

Obama Buddies Up With Iran And Terrorists

The flurry of activity out of the White House reminds us of the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn (at least Christian children anyway).  Obama is attempting to fix the entire world overnight and the disasters waiting to happen appear to be on every news outlet. The latest?  Diplomacy with Iran.  A nation whose […]

The Israeli Hamas Lie

What is Hamas to Israel? Initially, little more than a bug. However, Hamas has grown, with the support of terrorist nations like Iran that have clearly stated they want to wipe Israel off the map. Hamas has continually used civilians as a shield in their battle against Israel…

Why They Burned Sarah Palin’s Church

The media attacks on Sarah have been endless both during and after the campaign. Some have admitted they were complete lies and distortions but continue to exploit Sarah. The derisive nature of the media breeds the anger and hatred evident in this attack on Sarah’s church.

Presidential Guest House Had Deed Restrictions Excluding Blacks

The White House has turned down a request from the family of President-elect Barack Obama to move into Blair House in early January so that the Obama children can start school on January 5. The White House has refused to reveal why they turned down the Obama family, but a real estate agent disclosed that the Bush house had deed restrictions excluding blacks.