A New Kennedy

“On the 50th anniversary of one of President Kennedy’s most famous speeches, his great-nephew, Joseph P. Kennedy III, stood in the same spot in the Massachusetts House today and delivered his own address, decrying the vituperative political rhetoric that he said is tearing at the nation’s fabric,” the Boston Globe reports. Said Senate President Therese […]

A solemn presidential duty awaits Obama in Tucson

When he speaks at a memorial for the shooting victims in Tucson on Wednesday, President Obama has a chance to promote unity and healing in a mourning nation. When he addresses a memorial for the Tucson shooting victims, President Obama — like Ronald Reagan after the Challenger explosion, Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City bombing […]

Gabrielle Giffords breathing on her own, moving both arms

Doctors say Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, targeted in the Arizona shooting rampage, is able to ‘generate her own breaths,’ and her ability to move her right arm — controlled by the side of her brain penetrated by the bullet — is a very good sign. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is breathing on her own and moving both […]

House will issue resolution condemning Arizona shooting

The text of the resolution to be issued Wednesday salutes Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and states its ‘belief in a democracy in which all can participate and in which intimidation and threats of violence cannot silence the voices of any American.’ The House of Representatives on Wednesday will honor the victims, survivors and heroes of the […]

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

“We cannot be unaware of the fact that — particularly with the internet — there’s this huge echo chamber out there. And everything any of us says falls on the unhinged and the hinged alike.” — Bill Clinton, in a BBC interview, commenting on the Arizona shootings. Read more from the original source…

Djou Slams Door on Political Life

Former Rep. Charles Djou (R-HI) “made a rather ungracious exit from his brief stint representing Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District,” the Honolulu Star Advertiser reports. At his farewell news conference, Djou assailed his successor, Colleen Hanabusa (D), in advance for any disappointments Hawaii might suffer on issues such as federal funding of infrastructure projects He added: […]

Obama Approval Still Not Relevant for 2012

Nate Silver finds there’s virtually no relationship between a president’s post-midterm approval ratings and the president’s re-election chances. “This is not to say that you should pay no attention at all to presidential approval numbers. It may be that the true relationship between these variables is modestly stronger than this, and that we’ve been a […]

Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs out

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs confirms his departure, saying he will be working as a private consultant to President Obama. Robert Gibbs, the media face of the Obama presidency, will leave his post as White House spokesman and will boost the president’s reelection drive from outside the West Wing. Read more from the original source…

Snapshots of the new Congress on Day 1

As the 112th Congress takes shape, freshman House Republicans say they won’t be hanging around Washington. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner could hit the links. WASHINGTON – The freshman House Republicans just landed in Washington this week, but true to the ethos of this anti-establishment class, […]

John Boehner takes over as House speaker, promises GOP-controlled chamber will be ‘honest, accountable and more responsive’

As the 112th Congress gets underway, John Boehner defeats Nancy Pelosi on a vote of 241 to 173 to take over as House speaker. ‘The American people have humbled us,’ says the Ohio Republican. In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid calls for a change in filibuster rules. WASHINGTON — Rep. John Boehner was sworn […]

‘Tea party’ freshmen embrace status quo

After campaigning against D.C.’s ways, new Republican lawmakers quickly turn to lobbyists and fundraisers. ‪The new class of Republican lawmakers who charged into office promising to shun the ways of Washington officially arrives on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. ‪But even as they publicly bash the capital’s culture, many have quietly begun to embrace it. Read […]

Pence Still Mulling Presidential Bid?

Despite previous reports that Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) had scheduled a series of events in Indiana and was most likely eying a run for governor in 2012, Politico notes that Pence will be the keynote speaker at an invitation-only conservative Awakening Conference in South Carolina this weekend, a hint that he may still be mulling […]

The More Things Change

The Wall Street Journal examines the 112th Congress and finds that while the party makeup has obviously changed a lot, “the demographics haven’t changed much.” “Though there are some true outsiders, many freshmen have followed the tried and true paths to the Capitol: They worked on city councils and got elected to state legislatures.” The […]