Trump Says His Policies Would Have Prevented 9/11

Donald Trump says that his immigration policies would have prevented the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, The Hill reports. Said Trump: “I am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. I am extremely tough on people coming into this country. I believe that if I were running things, I doubt that those people would have been […]

In the Kitchen: Feeding a community

Food is about more than simply cooking and eating. It’s also about community and taking care of each other. Two very different stories this week point that out: one about an idea that looks like it’s going to be a major success and another that comes from failure. But we don’t want to sell cooking… Read […]

Flashback Quote of the Day

“He had a crazy policy of self deportation which was maniacal. It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote. He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.” — Donald Trump, quoted by Newsmax, calling Mitt Romney’s immigration proposals “mean-spirited” in […]

Missouri Lawmakers Mull Dress Code for Interns

After Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (R) was forced to resign following revelations that he exchanged sexually suggestive texts with a 19-year-old House intern, lawmakers suggested establishing an intern dress code, the Kansas City Star reports. “The idea was greeted with disdain by Democrats and set off a firestorm on social media, with critics arguing […]

Sanders Will Run for President

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) plans to run for president as a Democrat, becoming the only official party challenger so far to Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reports. “According to people familiar with the senator’s plans, he will release a statement on Thursday and make a more formal announcement of candidacy later next month in […]

Walker Holds Double-Digit Lead in Iowa

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Iowa finds Gov. Scott Walker well ahead of the rest of the Republican presidential field with 23%, followed by Marco Rubio at 13%, Jeb Bush at 12%, Mike Huckabee at 10%, Rand Paul at 10%, Ted Cruz at 8%, Ben Carson at 7% and Chris Christie at 5%. […]

VR Watch: Can Stanford’s approach work for film?

There is a whole gang of players who want to define how we consume the  coming wave of virtual-reality content: start-up tech firms like Jaunt and Crescent Bay, traditional movie outfits like Fox, nontraditional movie outfits like Oculus Story Studio. Read more from the original source…

Home of the Day: A modern spot with a stable in Santa Barbara

This post-and-beam contemporary, with walls of windows and slightly pitched roofline, takes in city and ocean views from its vantage above Santa Barbara. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens, an outdoor living room, a pool and spa and a complimentary stable/workshop make up the three-acre grounds. Read more from the original source…

Foreign Money May Flow to Ballot Measure Elections

Rick Hasen points us to a Bloomberg BNA report: “The Federal Election Commission has dismissed—on a deadlocked party-line vote—charges that Manwin International, a foreign company producing online pornography, violated the law by bankrolling a campaign committee opposed to a Los Angeles ballot measure requiring the use of condoms in video sex scenes. According to documents […]