Bonus Quote of the Day

“I think we may have been visited already. We don’t know for sure.” — Hillary Clinton, quoted by the Conway Daily Sun, on whether extraterrestrial life could exist. Read more from the original source…

Trump Uses Footage from Morocco to Show Mexico Border

“Donald Trump’s new TV ad is not quite what it seems. Footage that is implied to be from the U.S. border with Mexico is actually from more than 5,000 miles away, in Morocco,” the New York Times reports. PolitiFact gave the footage a “pants on fire” rating. Read more from the original source…

For the record

Newhall Ranch: In the Dec. 1 Section A, an article about the Newhall Ranch development referred imprecisely to a planned project in Tejon Ranch. While the ranch straddles the Los Angeles-Kern county line, the planned development is in Los Angeles County. Read more from the original source…

Is it Wookie or Wookiee? A ‘Star Wars’ style guide

When most people think of “Star Wars” style, Princess Leia’s side-buns hairdo and white robe or Darth Vader’s fearsome black helmet and cape probably come to mind. For copy editors, it’s more likely how to punctuate a jumble of words such as Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope or whether to spell Chewbacca’s… Read […]

Palin Says Being Fired Was Hard

Sarah Palin told CBN News that she took her unexpected firing from Fox News last summer very hard. Said Palin: “Some things happened that I haven’t talked about publicly, things like getting canned from a job I really liked, sort of out of the blue, because I called somebody out. Next morning I got word, […]

Facebook wants to make your breakup less awkward

Facebook wants to help ease the burn of a breakup.The social media giant introduced new tools Thursday on its mobile app to help users see less of their exes.Now when you change your relationship status to “single,” Facebook will ask if you want to “take a break” from seeing pictures and posts… Read more from […]

GOP Operative Seeks to ‘Defeat and Destroy’ Trump

“A well-connected GOP operative alarmed by the enduring strength of Republican Donald Trump’s presidential bid is planning a ‘guerrilla campaign’ backed by secret donors to knock him out of the race,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Liz Mair, former online communications director of the Republican National Committee, recently created Trump Card LLC to ‘defeat and […]

Hoyer Sees Possible Wave in 2016 for Democrats

“Republicans currently hold their largest majority in the House of Representatives since the New Deal and Democrats would need to flip 30 seats next November to regain control of the chamber. It’s a tall order, but Minority Whip Steny Hoyer isn’t ruling out a wave election next year,” Real Clear Politics reports. Said Hoyer: “I’m […]

Bush’s Painful Defense of Benghazi Investigation

Jake Tapper asked Jeb Bush about Donald Trump’s assertion that his bother was at least partially responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The question: “If your brother and his administration bear no responsibility at all, how do you then make the jump that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are responsible for what happened at Benghazi?” […]