Jobs Hails iPhone 3G S Sales Milestone as Transplant Rumors Swirl

News-wise, it’s been a big weekend for Apple. First came reports that its ailing CEO, Steve Jobs, recently underwent liver-transplant surgery. On the heels of that news, the world learned that sales of the new iPhone 3G S have passed the 1-million mark. Whether investors remain confident in Apple’s strength despite Jobs’ illness remains to […]

Flash to Brighten Most Smartphones – iPhone, BlackBerry to Stay Dim

With the news that its omnipresent-on-the-desktop Flash player will be available in more mobile forms before the end of the year, Adobe is finally following through on its goal of joining the smartphone party — but the two biggest names in that market are still missing from the invitation list. Apple’s iPhone and Research In […]

HP’s Web-Connected Printer Could Be a Game-Changer

In a move that could rock the printing world and set Amazon’s Kindle e-reader on its ear, HP announced on Tuesday an all-in-one printer that can connect directly to the Internet. The device, the HP Photosmart Premium, will let users download content and make purchases from the Internet. Partners for content on delivery include USA […]

Is It Quality Assurance or Quality Control?

Is there a difference between quality control and quality assurance? Just night and day. Unfortunately, many companies believe they are the same, when in reality the differences are overwhelming. Quality control, or black box testing, is chartered to ensure that the product is going to meet the user’s needs — not just to demonstrate that […]

The Folly of Predicting New Products From Apple’s Patents

As a user of Apple products, I relish the mystery of what’s coming next, eagerly consuming the rumors and speculation dished out by the blogs and Web sites. As a patent lawyer, however, I can’t help but to eye with skepticism each new patent application served up by an Apple watcher as potential evidence of […]

Twitter Game Makes Money for the Mob

Twitter’s founders still haven’t decided how to cash in on their popular Internet messaging service — to the delight of a rapidly growing audience. However, the deliberate approach may not prevent a gold rush among opportunistic outsiders. Lolplaying, the maker of a new role-playing game on Twitter called “140 Mafia,” is trying to explore Twitter’s […]

China Determined to Use Green Dam to Block Porn

China is sticking to its planned launch of a controversial Internet censoring software in about one week, an official newspaper said Tuesday, despite Washington’s concerns over the move’s possible impact on trade and access to information. The China Daily said the plan to require the Web-filtering Green Dam Youth Escort software on all personal computers […]

Wired Water: IT Gets Ready for the Shock

Go wet, young IT man. Your parched, imperiled planet needs you. When it comes to creating a future filled with fresh, drinkable water, information technology professionals have a significant career opportunity in a mega-sized market. The very economic survival of a thirsty, arid Earth — with the U.S. southwest as a prime example — depends […]

Agile Turns Labor of Necessity Into Best Seller

When some PC users move to a Mac, they occasionally can’t find an Apple analog for a bread-and-butter application they had in the Windows world. In those cases, most users learn to live without their cherished app. The folks at Agile Web Solutions, though, learned how to build a business on theirs. Founded by Roustem […]

‘Acid test’ for Ubuntu on a netbook

A friend asked me to configure her netbook to my WiFi system so I decided it was time to replace the outdated operating system with a new Ubuntu Netbook Remix. At the end of last week I got the opportunity to start an “Acid Test” of the latest Ubuntu… Visit Source

Roadrunner, Jaguar retain supercomputer edge

IBM’s Roadrunner and Cray’s Jaguar have retained their No. 1 and No. 2 rankings on the Top500 supercomputer list which is released twice yearly. Roadrunner (Credit: IBM) IBM’s Roadrunner and Cray’s Jaguar have retained their No. 1 and No. 2 rankings on… Visit Source

Tech giants deny helping Iran eavesdrop

A joint venture of Siemens AG and Nokia is denying reports that Iran uses its Web-monitoring technology to censor and spy on its citizens’ online activities. A joint venture of Siemens AG and Nokia Corp., two large European technology firms, is denying reports that Iran uses its Web-monitoring technology… Visit Source

Ad tech can recognize gender – age next?

Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research has developed a gender-recognition system that could change the way advertising works in future. A*Star’s gender recognition system at work. (Credit: Leonard Goh/CNET Asia) Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) has developed a… Visit Source