Donald Trump’s Economic Plan Is Magical Thinking

Donald Trump’s economic plan, revealed Thursday in a speech at the Economic Club of New York, calls for 4% growth, which is about double the rate that the U.S. economy is currently growing. Is that even remotely possible, based on what he’s put out there? The answer, in a word, is no. Trump’s projections of […]

Adblock Plus Now Means Ad Blocking Plus Ads

Adblock Plus, together with partner ComboTag, on Tuesday launched the beta version of the Acceptable Ads Platform. AA is an interactive platform that pre-whitelists ads publishers and bloggers then can place on their sites. It will only contain only ads that abide by AA’s criteria for size and labeling, and their placement will be governed […]

iPhone 7 Draws Tepid Notices

The iPhone 7 may be the best version of Apple’s smartphone to date, but it’s garnering lukewarm reactions from reviewers and pundits. The practical improvements in the new iPhone are praiseworthy, but they come at a cost. “Waterproofing and better battery life have been common iPhone feature requests for years, and the camera and speed […]

Udacity Fuels Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Dreams

Online education company Udacity on Tuesday introduced a new “nanodegree” program in self-driving auto engineering. President Sebastian Thrun made the announcement. The goal is to build a crowdsourced, open source self-driving car, he said. Students will learn the skills and techniques used by self-driving car teams at the most innovative companies in the world, Udacity […]

The Democrats May Have An Unstoppable Plumbing Problem

The Democrats May Have An Unstoppable Plumbing Problem

When folks go to the public restroom, they often do not flush.  The drain eventually clogs and all kinds of deplorable content poors out all over the bathroom floor, sometimes into the hallways, leaving the poor bastard with the mop to try cleaning it up. In a house or large building there is a stack […]

Martha Stewart May Have Her Day Over Comey’s Prison Cell

Martha Stewart May Have Her Day Over Comey’s Prison Cell

On 9/11, perfectly timed, Hillary Clinton showed up for the 9/11 celebration dressed like she was the dead, not the living.  Granted, the garb would be somewhat subdued, but it was drab to the max, and the face pale white with dark glasses and when she removed the glasses, dark rings under the eyes. Hillary […]

Hillary Slides Down To Nothing

Hillary Slides Down To Nothing

Today it was released that the first Congressional interview for Hillary was rigged. In December of 2012, Hillary was supposed to face Congress to answer questions about Benghazi. She suddenly got ill. One month later in January 2013, she attended a rigged interview in which questions were spoon fed to Clinton who had prepared answers […]

Apple Is Expected to Debut Its New iPhone Next Week

(SAN FRANCISCO) — Apple is expected to show off a new iPhone next week when the company holds its fall product launch event in San Francisco. The tech giant announced the date for the Sept. 7 launch by sending out invitations to technology journalists and industry analysts on Monday. Apple didn’t provide any details, in […]

The Apple Store Is About to Change Drastically

Apple is thinking different—again. This time, the tech giant wants to revolutionize the havens where it hawks its wares by making them destinations for far more than just gadgetry. Since 2014, retail chief Angela Ahrendts and design chief Jony Ive have been collaborating to revamp the wildly lucrative Apple Store, its glassy temple for iPhones, […]

The Peppermint Twist Is Still Cool

The Peppermint operating system is built around a concept not found in most Linux distros. It is a hybrid combination of traditional Linux desktop applications and cloud-based infrastructure. Peppermint 7, the annual update released in June, is a lightweight distribution based on Ubuntu 16.04. It uses LXDE as the default desktop environment, and shows considerable […]