What is theliepolitic all about? It is an extension of myrealitytelevision.com, which branched out to cover the election.

In the process of covering the election, we stumbled on so many lies on the internet and in the media in general from one-sided, biased outlets like HuffingtonPost that we felt we should expose their lies.

We realize we are small relative to the millions that many of these well-funded brain washing sites represent, and honestly, we find ourselves, after listening to the media for a bit, feeling that calm that the media is right once again and not to worry.  That all these sites that print only one side of the story are providing a service.  Then, one brain cell turns on and tells us the service is to manipulate us.

Arianna Huffington from the HuffingtonPost has been quoted as saying the media should just make up its mind!!  That they should not provide you a story with an effort to make it balanced so YOU can make your own decisions, but that the media should decide how to lie to you to lead you to their principles and ideals.  That Arianna should make up your mind for you.

That is not news.  It is, by definition, propaganda.  HuffingtonPost is liberal propaganda read by only those that want to read what they believe.  The sheep.  Those that do not wish to think, but only to agree with the writers and bash or block anyone that dare raise an opposing voice.

We, as a small voice, hope for your support.  We hope for DIGGs and other ways to express that you appreciate what we expose.  We need them to survive.  We do not ask for money, just your help conveying that the liars deserve their day in court.  And we want to make theliepolitic their day in court, their judgement day.

Using the internet to lie to people in the way that most of the media outlets do is a crime.  Exposing them is our civic duty.  And that is our objective on this site, albeit nearly insurmountable, at least it would be insurmountable without your help… to expose the lying propaganda sites for what they are.

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