Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer of Framingham, MA…Taking Out The Trash

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Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer of Framingham, MA…Taking Out The Trash

On April 10, this letter was sent to the new Mayor of Framingham, MA, Yvonne M. Spicer.  Mayor Spicer is a diverse, well educated and beautiful woman that has graced the new position of Mayor.  For the first time,  the City has a superb ELECTED leader.   Her problem?  Cleaning up the trash left behind.

Our questions to Mayor Spicer:

  • Why would a crooked law firm associated with the old Town of Framingham be spending nearly $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to collect $600 in fines?
  • Why would that law firm, Petrini & Associates PC, and their employee, Peter Mello, be trying to keep so many secrets from the Public?
  • Most of all, why would Peter Mello be  harassing and participating in violent threats against our source, including tampering with our source’s US Mail (A Federal CRIME)?

The Letter from our source is below.  Both his wife and he are being severely and violently harassed because they have uncovered a scam in the workings of the old Town of Framingham, MA.  The elected Mayor, unfortunately, has to take out the trash.


Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer
150 Concord Street
Framingham, MA  01702

Dear Mayor Spicer:

Congratulations on your recent election and your new position as Mayor.  It is wonderful to see an intelligent and well educated woman at the helm of this CIty.  I certainly hope it helps this Town recover from the disaster it was before you were elected.  I sent this For Your Eyes Only, because it requires leadership to address, if it can be addressed.

I want to first state that my life has been placed in serious peril over what I have learned.  As soon as Petrini and Associates, PC. learned I knew, my life became SUDDENLY threatened within two weeks time.

I am a homeowner in Framingham, MA and have been for eight years.  I have observed possible criminal activity that I must report to someone, so I am including you on the list of those to whom I am sending this notice.

Petrini and Associates, PC. has been pursuing the collection of $600. In municipal fines in a federal court since June 1, 2017.  They are involved in ten full months of litigation over what their attorney, Peter Mello, states was the collection of $600.  They have filed hundreds of motions. and likely spent as much as one hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer money  to collect $600 in fines. That case is ongoing.  What law firm would do this unless they were one or more of the following?

  1. Incompetent to a degree of complete and utter doltishness
  2. Intentionally running up the tab on the City of Framingham Taxpayers
  3. Hiding criminal activity

Peter Mello admits he committed fraud in his initial motion in that case.  Peter Mello cannot possibly be informing the CIty of his dilemma OR the amount this is costing taxpayers.  Peter Mello also appears desperately fearful of being discovered and has taken to malicious threats and actions that are indicative of someone involved in crime.

Michael Tusino, the Building Commissioner, is involved in the false assessment of ordinance violations.  He is violating many aspects of the laws involved in assessing violations and collecting fines.  It takes a bit of time to explain in writing, so I cannot fully explain in this letter.  

However, the problem Peter Mello now faces is he cannot conceal the activities of Michael Tusino and the Building Department now that  this has entered a federal court.  Still, they are attempting to conceal the City’s entire process of fine assessment and collection stating it is privileged information when is anything but.  Why would they do that?  Certainly the collection of municipal fines is no more secret than the  assessment collection of parking fines.

Peter Mello and Michael Tusino claim that the entire process of violation assessment and fine collection is privileged information and refuse to divulge it.   That process is intended to protect the Public Safety above all else, but they have turned it into a fraudulent boondoggle, and they wish to conceal it from taxpayers.

The information is in no way privileged.  It is public information and can be requested at any time using the Public Access Laws, but Peter Mello is lying again in a federal court, stating fraudulently it is a secret.  

I believe these acts are criminal in nature, have been ongoing for some time, and the fact Peter Mello has spent tens of thousands in litigation over $600 in fines is hopefully enough to elicit an immediate response from your office.

From what I have determined, this involves an illegal scam against the CIty and homeowners in the City, mostly lower income and minority citizens.  There are reasons Michael Tusino and Petrini and Associates, PC target these specific homeowners.

I can explain further, and, believe it probable to a degree of certainty that I am correct.If you wish to let me know the results of any investigation or to discuss this further, I am best reached at my telephone or email, because, since Peter Mello discovered what I know, the Framingham Police have been tampering with my (and my wife’s) US Mail.  I caught them  doing it, and have reported them for illegal mail tampering, which is a federal crime.

I can be at your disposal as you wish, but please give me a bit of advance notice, so I do not miss your call or response.

Once again, congratulations on your election.  It is a welcome surprise to have such a fine mayor.


Thank you




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