Peter Mello, Framingham, MA Illegally Citing and Collecting Municipal Fines, Targeting Elderly

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Peter Mello, Framingham, MA Illegally Citing and Collecting Municipal Fines, Targeting Elderly

Petrini and Associates, PC is, in the loosest sense of the word, a “law firm”, that is currently participating in the illegal collection of municipal ordinance violations from lower income homeowners to illegally tap federal grant money intended to improve lower income neighborhoods.  Peter Mello is an active participant and the most evident criminal in the crew, frequently committing fraud in both local and federal courts to damage the less privileged.

Peter Mello, when asked about a recent incident in which he made fraudulent and libelous attacks against a party in Court and was forced to withdraw his fraudulent motion, stated he


what he was saying was true, despite the fact he had no evidence, no affidavits and no sworn testimony to back up a single fraudulent libelous lie.

In another fraudulent statement, Peter Mello asked a Federal Judge if he could change his prior statements in order to escape liability.  In other words,

Is it OK to commit fraud AGAIN in this Court by lying flagrantly, and in direct contradiction to, my already filed fraudulent documents?”

Peter Mello is among the dung heap of lawyers that commit and cover crimes committed by the Town (Now City) Police Department and the other departments that have plagued the Town for years.

Peter Mello and Petrini and Associates are now attempting to cover up apparent criminal actions of the Town Building Department and Building Commissioner Michael Tusino in a scam to falsify municipal ordinance violations and then illegally collect fines based on those fraudulent violations.

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These crimes target the lower income homeowner, such as the elderly, who are the most vulnerable and the least able to defend themselves from the onslaught.

The local District Court of Framingham, MA assists in covering up the affair as they use an illegal collection trap in the District Court to deny all homeowners any rights they may have, even as the Town cites fraudulent items like “cardboard”, “paper”, and whatever other non-violations they can devise.

The collection tactics used by Petrini and Associates, the Town and the Court are Public information.  They are no more secret than the process used to collect parking tickets.  However, because Peter Mello and the Town Building Commissioner, Michael Tusino, have made it an illegal boondoggle to pick the pockets of the poor and take their homes, they don’t want anyone to see what they are doing.

A call to the local District Court of Framingham, MA to inquire about these tactics received the following response,

“We are not allowed to talk much about these kinds of cases”.

The person that gave that answer from the Clerk’s Office refused to provide her name.  Who would want to give their name if they worked for a Court and for the Government paid for entirely by the Public?

We are dealing with chicanery here that is rarely so obvious and so easy to expose.  We will be requesting via the Public Access Laws all information regarding the collection of these fines.  The entire process is fraudulent, violates the legal rights of the homeowners, steals thousands and possibly even the entire home of the less privileged including the elderly, and anyone that fights back faces fraudulent attacks by the Framingham Police Department on falsified criminal charges.

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