NEW EVIDENCE NEVER SEEN!! Did Massachusetts State Trooper Thiago Miranda MURDER a 23 YEAR OLD?

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NEW EVIDENCE NEVER SEEN!! Did Massachusetts State Trooper Thiago Miranda MURDER a 23 YEAR OLD?
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WE HAVE ACQUIRED NEW EVIDENCE not released at the time by Massachusetts State Police or the DA’s office.  The evidence acquired proves there were facts about Trooper Thiago Miranda that were covered up by the DA’s office and the Massachusetts State Police investigators.

What didn’t the State Police and DA want you (or the boy’s mother) to know? 

AT THE TIME OF THE MURDER, Miranda was  being sued for police brutality, false arrest, and falsifying government documents in a vicious attack and beating on another innocent man.

Miranda had testified and admitted to having committed these crimes UNDER OATH just prior to shooting the 23 year old UNARMED boy DEAD, point blank two times in the stomach.

That deposition testimony (under oath), and the lawsuit, were COVERED UP up by the DA and the State Police.  We are the first to present that evidence to the public.  It suggests Thiago Miranda was unstable, trained to kill and murdered a 23 year old boy.

The man that filed that lawsuit was violently harassed and police threatened his life to force him to drop his case.  He is still being violently harassed and threatened by the Police for what he knows, and has decided to release the evidence, because he can no longer protect himself from these onslaughts, which have become SWAT-like in nature.  The attacks on our source involve many armed police; they are being conducted at all hours of the night and day; and then even involve helicopters flying over the man’s home (so he is in hiding).  The man is a homeowner in the Town of Framingham, but he and his wife have been frightened from living in their own home.  The man informs us they have actively tampered with his US Mail, and attempted to illegally enter his home numerous times without warning or announcement, have repeatedly assaulted the home with no related police reports or 911 calls.  

It is apparent that Corrupt Judge Christopher Panos and the Law Offices of Petrini and Associates, Inc (Peter Mello) of Framingham, MA are involved in covering up this evidence, making them LIKELY accessories to murder.

Others are also involved in this cover up that could also be considered accessories after the fact. 

THS EVIDENCE WAS RECENTLY PROVIDED to the mother of the dead man, the ACLU and us.  No one else has it, except the Police and DA who concealed it.  We will release our article to the remainder of the News Media, with a full copyright of its contents.

The State Police investigation of this shooting ended very shortly after the lawsuit against Miranda was thrown out.  Our source says that the case was thrown out because he and his wife fled in fear due to violent harassment events conducted by the Framingham Police Department and Massachusetts State Police after the shooting.

On August 22, 2014, Massachusetts State Trooper Thiago Mirada shot and killed (or murdered) a 23 year old man.  You decide if he needed to shoot that man.

In March of 2015,  Dee Jones, mother of Wayne Edwards III, was quoted as saying:

“I buried my son on Aug. 22; it’s now March 6 and all we’ve been told is that it’s an ongoing investigation.”

“I feel it is a cover-up,”

Indeed, the evidence we just received proves she was right.

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The original evidence from that incident, and stories from the State Police at the time of the incident,  diverge considerably from the story presented by the DAs office and the State Police after a 10 month investigation.

Comments by the DAs office that eventually were provided to the Public are suspiciously one sided, severely contradict prior statements of the State Police, and are not supported by any tangible evidence.  Witness testimony contradicts the one sided cover up of the shooting as does evidence from the scene.  NOW NEW EVIDENCE PROVES THE DA AND POLICE WERE CONCEALING EVIDENCE.

State Police and the DA knew about a prior false arrest and police brutality incident involving Miranda and concealed it from the media.

In that incident, Miranda participated in multiple violent beatings of a man he had falsely arrested.

The State Police and DA were aware as well that Thiago Miranda testified in a deposition regarding that incident of police brutality and false arrest, but was not disciplined for his part in that case. Miranda moved to the State Police from the Framingham Police before the beaten man was tried for crimes he did not and could not have committed.  Miranda repeatedly avoided testifying at those trials.

The evidence we include are recordings of Thiago Miranda.  In these recordings MIranda states openly that the Police in Massachusetts are taught to BEAT PEOPLE FIRST.

  1. The man that Miranda shot and killed was allegedly speeding, but no evidence the man was speeding has been provided by the State Police other than text messages that could be unrelated or fabricated.  No actual evidence of speeding was provided.
  2. The man Miranda killed was found unconscious still sitting in the car (WITH HIS SEAT BELT ON, CONTRADICTING THE OBVIOUS LIES OF THE STATE POLICE) and later declared dead.
  3. The witness, a female passenger in the vehicle with the deceased, was treated for injuries, but the Police would not state how the injuries occurred.
  4. State Police at the time of the shooting presented contradictory stories regarding the incident that were later proven to be falsified. Both these stories are either incomplete or fabricated to an excessive degree, identifying them as a likely cover up in progress. Had no witness been present, this is likely the story that the State Police would have used.  This story provided by State Police prior to the investigation is obviously fraudulent, self serving and fabricated.   An initial press release indicated the State Police has provided the following story

     … the suspect returned to his car and began driving toward the trooper, at which time the trooper drew his weapon and fired.  

  5. The man Miranda killed still had his seat belt on and the car had not moved, contradicting the one sided story of the State Police.
  6. There is no indication the deceased man was intoxicated or on drugs.
  7. The State Police and DA covered up the alleged reason for the shooting for 10 months, indicating a high probability it was fabricated.
  8. Based on all evidence, the man Miranda shot and killed was unarmed and was not hitting, assaulting or battering Trooper Miranda. The DA stated the Man was assaulting Miranda, but Miranda had no injuries and no evidence of anything but defensive actions were present.   If one imagines a gun is pointed at their stomach inexplicably by an overly aggressive cop, one is likely to respond to being beaten and avoid being shot.
  9. The man was shot point blank in the stomach, not once, but two times.  The second shot is likely what killed him. Why Miranda shot the man a second time is not explained, and no statement of the time duration between those shots is mentioned.
  10. Miranda asserts he leaped into the car and shot the man dead because he would not get out of the vehicle.
  11. Miranda and the DA stated he intended to arrest the man for not stopping, but obviously, the man did stop.  If the man did not stop, he would not be dead.
  12. After stating the man drove his car at Miranda, the State Police made the following statement, beginning the months long cover up.

    “It would be inappropriate to comment on additional details, including the reason for the initial motor vehicle stop or the exact sequence of events that led to the trooper to fire his weapon,”

  13. Miranda knew backup was on the way and would arrive shortly. They arrived in 45 seconds from the death of the man Miranda killed.
  14. At the time, the State Police indicated that Miranda, despite the fact he was carrying a radio on his belt, did NOT call for backup.
  15. A woman in the car with the deceased when he was shot stated Miranda was overly aggressive from the outset and obviously agitated.
  16. The man’s mother defines the act of Miranda as murder.   She still believes evidence is being concealed.  She was provided this evidence on the day this article was published.  The ACLU was also provided this evidence.
  17. After stating the investigation would take 20-45 days, the investigation took over 10 months to complete, found Miranda was NOT responsible, but the DA and State Police concealed the investigation from the deceased 23 year old’s mother, merely presenting a one sided story as fact to the media.  The evidence we present proves the DA and the State Police covered up the facts.
  18. Miranda claims that he had to shoot the 23 year old TWICE, not once, because he accidentally dropped his mace.  As a result of dropping his mace, and then leaping into the car, he had to instead unholster, point, and shoot his gun point blank TWO TIMES into the stomach of a 23 year old instead of spraying the 23 year old with mace.  The State Police will not say if Miranda was also carrying a Taser, club or other non-lethal weapons, but they are typically carried by the State Police.
  19. Miranda received a nearly 11 month paid vacation during the investigation.
  20. Miranda was sued for a false arrest in which he participated in 2010  In that incident, Miranda participated in an attack and beating of the man, not just at the arrest site, but continuing that beating overnight in the jail.
  21. Miranda testified under oath stating that the police are trained to BEAT PEOPLE FIRST, stating:

    “We are trained to beat people first, it is safer for us…”

Miranda’s deposition testimony regarding the beating incident is provided here.  In it Miranda reveals they are trained to BEAT people first.  MIranda further admits he lied on a police report (falsified a government document under oath) to attempt to convict an innocent man, and that Miranda and the Framingham Police (for whom he worked at the time) withheld exculpatory evidence in order to illegally prosecute the man they had BEATEN.

On that police report and in testimony, the Framingham Police stated the beaten man had punched Thiago Miranda.  Thiago Miranda admits in the attached testimony that they lied to cover the criminal false arrest and beatings of an innocent man..

Despite this, the beaten man was found not guilty of all violent charges filed against him.

The recording proves the ADA and the police concealed exculpatory evidence that would have proven the BEATEN man innocent of all charges from the outset.

In the incident, the ADA and the Framingham Police insisted that all their radios were broken (just for the man’s beating), all cameras in their barracks were broken (just for the man’s beating), and all evidence of the dispatch of police to attack the man were accidentally lost. The odds of this are infinitesimal to the degree DNA evidence is more likely to be wrong.

The Framingham Police Department is currently conducting life threatening actions against our source in order to silence him.  Our source has been in fear for his life for years due to numerous harassment events conducted by the Framingham Police Department. Recordings provided to us as evidence, prove the Framingham Police falsified evidence and prove they have been actively threatening the life of our source.

The following letter was sent to the ACLU by our source pleading to the ACLU for help  


In the 10 years prior, in Massachusetts, there have been 73 police-involved shootings resulting in death, including 12 in 2013.

Conveniently, “every completed investigation found the police were justified in using deadly force; only three of the cases were presented to a grand jury or judicial inquest to determine if a crime had been committed.”

Only one case even resulted in discipline for an officer involved in a shooting – a Boston police officer who, while trying to disperse a crowd of celebrating Red Sox fans in Kenmore Square after a 2004 playoff win against the Yankees, shot an innocent woman in the face with a pepper ball gun and killed her.


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