NEW EVIDENCE: Officer Brian Blue Caught in Perjury and Libel: Framingham, MA Police Department

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A proven source has provided evidence that implicates officers of the Police Department of the City of Framingham, MA for repugnant and grave crimes. The evidence is shocking.  We will make this evidence available to anyone that requests it and can verify their identity and the reason they require it.

NOTE: CONTACT US at (Use Subject “SAVE ME FROM BRIAN B LUE”) if you have been involved in a case involving Officer Brian Blue, the evidence we possess may be critical to you.  It proves Brian Blue perjures himself in Court making his testimony worthless.  It further proves that Brian Blue falsifies government documents (such as police reports).  Brian Blue has a significant history of complaints and a considerable disciplinary record, including “Conduct Unbecoming of An Officer” and “Failing To Take A Police Report”.     WE WILL PROVIDE YOU THE EVIDENCE WE HAVE TO PROVE Brian Blue’s testimony is worthless.  In addition, in some cases, our source has offered to testify against Brian Blue in any criminal or civil case in which Brian Blue is involved as a defendant, an arresting officer or as a testifying witness.

If you or someone you know was arrested or had a negative encounter with Officer Brian Blue, especially if it resulted in his testimony, this evidence could be crucial to you.

Officer Brian Blue of the Framingham Police Department committed perjury in 2011 in testimony against a badly beaten victim he arrested in 2010.  We have pictures of the victim’s injuries, but for the privacy of that victim and his family, we have been asked not to post them here.

Officer Brian Blue participated in the beating of that victim, both at the arrest site and again, at the barracks (jail), while the victim was in handcuffs.  An Officer Langmeyer assisted in that beating.  The victim was falsely arrested, and Officer Brian Blue lied repeatedly, under oath, to cover up the incident.

Officer Brian Blue falsified a police report stating the victim punched the other arresting officer.  That other arresting officer also signed that falsified police report. Police reports are signed under penalty of perjury.  Falsifying government documents a grave offense and beyond dishonorable, but when it results in the trial and possible conviction of a person for a crime that officer KNOWS that person not commit, it is nauseating.  The police report is used to determine probable cause and results in the person being prosecuted for crimes.  If it is fraudulent, the Officer requires serious discipline, retraining or termination.

Sergeant Michael Esposito, Blue’s superior, helped draw up the fantastical document stating the victim punched an officer two times trying to escape.   The entire crew participated in that fraud, lied at trials under oath, lied on police reports and later lied again in depositions.  One officer told the truth, revealing the others had been lying all along.  The officer that told the truth had become a State Trooper for the Massachusetts State Police and did not testify at the victim’s trials.  This was because that officer would have told the truth, and the ADA, Margaret Pasternak, and the Police did not want anyone to know the truth.

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The Framingham Police Department and the DA prosecuted the man for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.  The man lost jobs because of the violent nature of the crime.

Officer Brian Blue testified at the victim’s trial for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.  Officer Blue, in that trial, stated that the victim was standing when the victim punched his partner (who did not testify).  In the Police Report, Brian Blue had stated the man punched his partner while on the ground being beaten.  This level of perjury renders every arrest Brian Blue has ever made and any testimony of Officer Brian Blue worthless and could lead to appeals and lawsuits by many parties gainst the City of Framingham, MA for that perjury.

Officer Brian Blue once again proved how loathsome he is and how loathsome the Framingham Police are.  In an interview with a local newspaper, Blue stated to the reporter that the victim had punched his partner twice trying to escape arrest.  This was printed and the man was marked for life. Even though proven false, and the man found not guilty, the Framingham Police Department refused to retract the article.  The victim has been harassed repeatedly following that incident for over seven years.

Two years later, Brian Blue’s partner admitted the man had NEVER punched him at all.  He also testified under oath that the Framingham Police are taught to BEAT people FIRST. This was the testimony of the badly beaten victim.  The victim was truthful. Officer Brian Blue committed perjury and carried it further by lying to the newspaper.

The testimony of the officers is shocking.  Brian Blue’s partner shot and killed a 23 year old man shortly after his testimony, in front of the man’s mother, two times  point blank to the stomach just seconds before backup he knew was coming arrived.

If you were arrested, beaten and/or testified against by Officer Brian Blue, you may have a case against him and the Framingham Police Department and the City of Framingham, MA.  If convicted of a crime as a result of Brian Blue’s testimony, you likely have a stronger case.


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