Everyone knew for a year Comey’s days were numbered. FBI Director finally fired…

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Everyone knew for a year Comey’s days were numbered.  FBI Director finally fired…

Comey was doomed because the FBI faltered under his leadership.  Their integrity was brought into question and their integrity is their most valuable asset.  Comey was appointed because he portrayed integrity and honesty, and he lost that when he was challenged.  Comey was exposed as an opportunist, a hypocrite and a dishonest advocate of justice.

The liberal rags say that Trump fired Comey during an investigation into Russian involvement in the election to interfere with the investigation, etc.  The idiocy of liberals will never result in the acceptance of their conspiracy theories.  Time Magazine chimed in making similar statements, and all they persistently do is make themselves fools.  They were screaming for Comey’s head when it was politically advantageous and criticize his firing when it is not.  Time and the rest of the liberals make themselves more pathetic every day.

Comey was fired because he was ineffective.  When crimes were obviously committed by Hillary Clinton he allowed her to respond she did not recall 36 times in an interview.  A man that nailed Martha Stewart on a single inconsistency in her testimony, let Hillary go despite about 40 inconsistencies.  A man who swore himself to justice concocted the notion of a reasonable prosecutor that would not prosecute criminals because it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Comey was never consistent.  He was a whiner in Congress saying that Congress should not believe they were crooked in their dealings, even when the dealings of the FBI were obviously not involved with their jobs of pursuing the prosecution of criminals and the execution of the pursuit of justice.  Comey was merely the person that made whining excuses for his failures.

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Comey was a Republican, and switched to Democrat, demonstrating he had no real identity in the political arena.  His values were focused on who appointed him and maintaining his job and ironically it led to his losing that job.

The only question to Trump with respect to firing Comey is why it wasn’t done sooner.  As far as blaming Russians for their pathetic loss, the liberals are still looking for that scapegoat.  Russians were proven again and again to be a farcical excuse, but the liberals depend on those that will believe whatever lies they spew no matter how pathetic and obvious.  There is evidence of the idiocy and hypocricy of liberals in the DNC.  The DNC did, beyond any doubt, rig the primary and were gutted.  The Democrats booed the leaders of the organization off the stage for what were criminal acts against the nation, mostly against Democrats. That dissolved a great deal of trust for the party and may be a key reason Hillary lost the election.  The worst part is Sanders never had any chance of winning, but he had a much better chance of beating Trump once Hillary’s Campaign and the DNC were exposed for criminal fraud rigging an election.

Yet are any liberals calling out for justice and the arrest of the DNC leaders that were forced to resign in disgrace?  No. They are pumping their coffers full of money to get them re-elected in their districts and forgetting the murder of a man that exposed them. Comey never called for the investigation of the murder of a DNC worker murdered just weeks before the Democratic National Convention and that had access to the DNC emails leaked to wikileaks. Comey was a criminal himself, knowing he was violating the law in order to protect his own interests.  That is why Comey was fired.  There is no other reason.  Comey was a failure, a hypocrite and an opportunist gone wrong.

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