BREAKING!! The CIA Under Obama Rigged French Election (wikileaks)

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BREAKING!! The CIA Under Obama Rigged French Election (wikileaks)

Liberal frauds continue to call this “fake news” but it is reported in the MSM or on wikileaks, and it is most often in the perpetrators’ own words, in emails and communications they made or direct public statements.  You cannot claim what they themselves said is fake, or you are a fake and a fraud yourself.

The Democrats have continued to attempt to make allegations about Russians rigging the election, communicating with Trump, and somehow attempting to connect diplomacy to covert government acts by the Trump Administration.  But lo and behold, in January the DNC admitted no investigation into hacking of the DNC ever occurred.  In fact, the FBI also stated the DNC blocked any such investigation simultaneously.


The CIA pitched in at one point, asserting Russians were involved in some form of election interference, but would not define for America what they meant.  In fact, they went out of their way to avoid stating that any of the wikileaks material came from Russia.  Given the CIA director was hacked by a teenager, their credibility should be zero already.  Now, wikileaks has driven another nail in the corruption coffin.

Releases today from wikileaks show clearly the CIA infiltrated the French election to rig the process.  This was under Obama’s Presidency.  France is an ally.  Interfering with their election, if you are to believe the Democrats, is an act of war.  The Democrats say the Russians are not our friends.  France is not our friends if we rig their free elections.

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This release is the most disturbing since the Podesta emails.  While the CIA makes false allegations about Russians risking war, they attacked our own allies in the interest of Obama.  The Democrats mocked Trump when he stated the CIA was corrupt.  Trump was right again.


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