What is WRONG with this PICTURE! Assange Dwarfs Hannity on Fox.

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What is WRONG with this PICTURE! Assange Dwarfs Hannity on Fox.

We do not have a camera expert or a film editor that could explain this so we call on the twitter community.

In the image we include here, Hannity’s head looks to be about half the width of his left shoulder.  Certain lens angles can have odd impacts on an image, so we tried to give it some measure of leeway.

Lenses are circular, so their impact is uniform in a circular manner.  Distortions happen throughout a circular range.  In this image the distortions are not equally distributed nor are they circular in nature.

More disturbing to the eye however is the head proportions.  Julian Assange appears to be normally proportioned.  Note there is a raised chair on the left of the fireplace however which appears particularly out of place.

Even if you dismiss all of what you see other than Hannity as being a bit convenient to hide the defect, Hannity is rather oddly proportioned.  Hannity’s left shoulder is impossibly proportioned to his head.

Normally the head is approximately (and this does vary) at about two to one height to width of a single shoulder. If you lay your head down to one side, the bottom of your ear is typically at or above your collar give or take a quarter inch.  Take that all as averaging rather than a basis for you to disagree.  But if any of you bend your head down and find your ear lobe beyond the end of your shoulder do tell us.

Hannity’s head in the video looks to be the same size or even smaller than either shoulder.  It also looks in the vid to be less clear and stark than Assange’s head.  Now Assange is closer, so clarity of focus could cause that, but everything is in focus.

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The fireplace and the chair on its left appear to be positioned in a very odd manner such that the base of the fireplace appears above that of the two men.

Now examine the two men. Assume they are about six feet apart.  Dimensionally, everything is perfect on Assange.  Dimensionally, everything is not only off on Hannity, but different parts of Hannity are off to different degrees.  Hannity’s head looks uniformly lilliputian.

We believe Hannity did interview Assange live, but we believe the camera presentation to make the two look like they are in the same room is faked.  We can find no other images like this that are this distorted and no camera lenses we know of would cause this distortion.

So camera experts, explain to us even why Hannity’s tie appears to be as wide as his entire face.

It appears to us that Hannity did this interview comfortably in a studio.  He then dressed up in a suit and flew to London.  The suit had to match what was in the video, so they placed his head in a fake background to make this look live.

We do not even believe this a reasonably professional job given the budget.  If we are wrong, prove it and we welcome being called fools. But be genuine.

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  1. SparrowGirl   January 9, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Well, they did shake hands during the interview… 0:21


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