WHO IS IN CHARGE at Wikileaks? One Of A Kind

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WHO IS IN CHARGE at Wikileaks? One Of A Kind

There is only one man in charge, “that’s me”. Julian Assange makes it absolutely clear there is no one else that controls the publications of wikileaks or even understands them in their entirety.

He states the reason that the US has not stated wikileaks is involved with Russia or any government is because they have no evidence. Julian goes on to say, that is because no one, no government, no individual, controls wikileaks or even fully understands what is actually going on at wikileaks except Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is in charge. He has worked his reputation for over 10 years. He has sacrificed everything for his beliefs. No one can truthfully state in any written report wikileaks is tied to Russia or any government (state party) because it is simply FALSE. The United States entire intelligence community has failed to make any connection between Russia or any government to Wikileaks, and every argument they make discredits our nation, not Wikileaks.

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