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We have been, and remain, quite disturbed by the confusion surrounding wikileaks and Julian Assange this election.

Something went haywire on October 16/17, 2016 with Wikileaks that disconnected it from its rock, and the uneasiness we felt was expressed by many.  It ranged from thoughts the website was compromised all the way to Julian Assange being dead, and we were taken along on that very same ride, and still do not understand the purpose of the

This uneasiness has arisen from a steadfast hand we had sought to steady our trust in wikileaks over time, a professional hand, a leader that defines wikileaks in no uncertain terms and someone that proves he risks everything for his beliefs.  Instead, we have observed a comedy skit on twitter and elsewhere that is anything but professional.

After being silenced on the internet by Ecuador on October 16/17 2016, many crazed conspiracy theories rang out because there was zero leadership at wikileaks.  They were justified, and we will cover them later.  Let’s see exactly what Assange has to say, in his own words, which are the only words his followers should heed.  Wikileaks is the vehicle.  Assange is the driver.  When anyone else drives, it is not the same entity.

Julian Assange agreed to an in person interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.  The choice is not because Assange is enamored of Hannity, but because Fox News has a presence in America, Hannity is established, and the remainder of the MSM have been defined as frauds within the emails wikileaks released.  Speaking through an organization that has admitted it is a fraud and that one party or the other has colluded with is not conducive to explaining the situation without the party accused attempting to act in their defense, which is worthless from the perspective of only reporting facts and allowing the facts to be interpreted by those that read them.


On, January 3 and going forward, Julian Assange’s interview will be exposed bit by bit.  In each segment, it is clear, one point is made.  Only one is made. Listen to Julian Assange and his statements. Do not listen to Hannity’s questions or inferences. Do not listen to interpretations of what is stated. Do not listen to conclusions made outside of Julian’s words.

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