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After the DNC (Democratic National Committee) emails were exposed by wikileaks, the FBI and DOJ announced an investigation into the possibility the emails had been the result of external hacking.  The liberal media ate up the claim to distract from the shame the Democrats bore for defrauding America by rigging their own Democratic Primary.  Some stated it was very highly likely the Russians hacked the DNC, and the “dunce caps” overlooked facts in hopes America would blame Russia for the truth.

It should not be surprising the liberal US Media made fools out of themselves lying about Russians. What is surprising is they continued the lie to the bitter end, admonishing Russia and expelling diplomats with zero evidence that any of the allegations were true, and in the face of powerful evidence the liberal media, the intelligence community and the Democrats lied pathetically.

The FBI never once stated that the Russians were identified at all.  The media used a reference to an inside source saying that the address of a website used to draw people was “similar” to Russian IP Addresses used in the past.  This propagated as though the FBI/DOJ made that statement.  They did not, and they had no direct connection to Russia at all. In fact, their investigation was only into hacking of the DNC, not into Russians hacking the DNC.

The sad statements made by these people endangered America for no reason other than to run a cover operation for their crimes in defrauding America.  The following define how pathetic and dangerous these lies were.  Had war erupted, the treason of these so called Americans would have left millions dead.

  1. Hacking is not a complex task. It does not take any detailed knowledge of computers.  Teens do it as a hobby, and in fact a teen DID hack our CIA Director John Brennan’s email.  If you wish to know everything the FBI/NSA and CIA know about hacking, you can find most of it through Google, books readily available at the local bookstore, forums on the internet, clubs, hacking software (publicly available) for you to download/use that automates the process and even by learning how to secure your own home computers.  How pitiable is the Director of the CIA when he allows a teenager to make him look like a chump?
  2. Hacking 101 is how to cover your tracks.  Hackers have known how to obscure their identity since hacking was invented.  No professional hacker would use any well known IP Address or leave an obvious trail.  The Liberal media played on the computer illiteracy of many Americans to the degree they would have believed their toasters had been hacked if they burnt toast.  Almost every liberal outlet, including CNN, made this ludicrous claim blatantly misleading America instead of shaming the DNC, which was gutted by resignations of their key members who were booed off the stage at the Democratic National Convention.
  3. The liberal media again resorted to unknown sources lying through headlines that the Feds had warned the DNC about the hacking problems weeks prior to the leak.  If the FBI and DOJ saw Russians hacking the DNC, which is impossible, they would have gone in and secured the DNC themselves.   All they could have possibly observed is what occurs on almost every commercial and government network every single day and night.  Some people were trying to access the systems from the outside that appeared to be trying different login credentials.   Certainly, foreign IP Addresses accessing the system may send up more of a red flag than unknown US Addresses, but not much more, because those addresses do not indicate where the hacker is, only the last hop on the way to the DNC.
  4. Ask the FBI and DOJ if they always tell the bad guys they are coming.  Why would the FBI announce to the Russians they were coming?  Of course they would not. The media did and lied through their green ugly teeth.  The liberal media did not stop there.  They referred to the DNC leak as a MASSIVE HACK with no proof and knowing nothing about the internal investigation.  ABC printed this fraudulent article.
  5. After the DNC leak occurred, the Democrats asserted they knew it was the Russians too.  Guess again.  They knew even less than the FBI. They did not have secret clearances and they would not know how to identify a hacker if one bit them on their noses.  They had no idea if they had been hacked and merely stated the FBI told them so.  But they repeatedly lied in social media and made false statements pertaining to Russian hacking, never once stating that the Democrats had indeed rigged the Primary and defrauded America.  In fact, if the DNC wanted the FBI to investigate hacking, why did they refuse to provide the FBI Access to the DNC computers that were allegedly hacked???  HMMMMMM???????????
  6. The FBI and DOJ, all the way up to the current day, have zero results in an alleged six month long investigation.  No connection at all was made between the DNC leak and Russian Hackers.  In fact, the FBI was NEVER allowed access to the DNC servers, which would have been required to determine if any successful hack by ANY party had ever occurred.
  7. In an interview in August, Julian Assange stated he was concerned about the Russian allegations and analogized it to McCarthyism.  He was subtly indicating at the time that the Russians were not his source. Assange then offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderers of Seth Rich.  Who was Seth Rich? See here.
  8. A DNC employee had been murdered prior to the DNC leak.  Why would the FBI not mention that as critical to their investigation? Why too would they not take part in the investigation of the murder, and instead leave it to a bungling police department that classified it as a burglary when nothing was stolen.  The wallet, watch and phone of the murdered man were left at the scene untouched.
  9. At the Democratic National Convention just about two weeks later, no mention was made at all of a murdered fellow Democrat that had worked for the DNC.  Doesn’t that seem incredibly insensitive?
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It is not possible the FBI and DOJ knew Russians were hacking or had hacked the DNC at the time the DNC leaks came to light.  Professional spies do not use well known IP Addresses to hack anyone.  Even after numerous failed investigations, no activity logs were ever presented to prove anyone had actually hacked the DNC.  The logs would have proven someone hacked the DNC, and would not have to reveal anything secretive, so why not just show them?  There is no other way to determine if the DNC was hacked, and the FBI ADMITS they were not allowed to examine the servers.

The only real facts indicate that it was an insider that leaked the information.  Julian Assange has now repeatedly stated openly the Russians were not his source.

Julian Assange: NO RUSSIANS!

Another independent and extremely credible source stated that the DNC leaks were received by hand.  You have factual statements from everyone but the DNC/FBI/CIA and NSA.  Who is lying?

And who is taking those lies to a new level? Our sensationalizing US Liberal Media.  The same clown actors that continue to endanger America by printing slanderous and fraudulent fake news.

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