US/GB Pathetically & Illegally Persecuting Julian Assange’s Young Children

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US/GB Pathetically & Illegally Persecuting Julian Assange’s Young Children

Julian Assange is a father of children under the age of 10 he has not seen because of years of illegal detainment primarily the result of falsified charges by Sweden and a dishonest United States and Great Britain.

Democrats, our lying media, and our own intelligence community, state there are criminal charges against Julian Assange for rape.  Of course, they do not mention they are lying pathetically in the face of what we would consider justice in America.

Our government, each time it makes the assertions, is proving itself a pathetic fraud.  The US filed charges against Assange first, then rape charges appeared from Sweden afterwards based on sketchy witness manipulation.  The alleged women never brought charges or asserted any allegations of rape.  The Swedish authorities made false assertions on their own and have no witnesses or evidence.  Sweden has no case and has interviewed Assange multiple times over six years.  The warrant outstanding for six years remains for questioning, to which one may ask, what more do they need to know after repeatedly questioning Assange? There is no case to prosecute, so they perpetually persecute.

The US lays in wait, leaving an indefinite failed investigation open for years just waiting to extradite Assange from Sweden if he is seized.  The US says we have no charges against him but refuses to drop the case.  We are pathetic liars in our nation.  Most people have no idea we have left a case open against an innocent man indefinitely with the hope of seizing him at the first possible chance for crimes that do not exist.

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Worse yet, our intelligence community and leaders continue to falsely assert Assange is wanted for rape charges that do not exist.  These people that lie to America belong in prison.

The lead prosecutor in Stockholm, Sweden dropped the rape charges.  The UN has fully researched the case and ruled two times that Julian Assange is being illegally detained against international law by the United States and Great Britain, that he should be released immediately and that he should be compensated.  For reasons only international relations between Sweden and the US can explain, after six years, Sweden still wants to question Assange again with zero evidence and no witnesses or accusers.

How pathetic is our nation that we allow the NY Times to publish the same types of information as wikileaks, but we illegally persecute not only an innocent man, but his even more innocent children, merely to garner revenge from those exposed as criminally corrupt?


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