How Stupid Do Democrats Think People Are? (Tucker Carlson)

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How Stupid Do Democrats Think People Are? (Tucker Carlson)

The video below is our favorite of the past several months, and there are many doozies. In the video Tucker Carlson wants to get answers to several simple questions, and the lying schmuck Congressman that wrote the letter demanding an investigation based on evidence the Russians helped Trump will not say what evidence he based his letter upon, because there is none.

The FBI and DOJ allegedly did a months long investigation into Russian Hackers after the DNC emails debacle. They both closed their investigations with results of absolute zero. There was no proof.

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, resigned and admits he has no idea who the sources for wikileaks were. Allegedly he is the absolute top spy in all of America and he is duped by a couple of hackers?

Suddenly, the incompetent and inherently dishonest James Clapper resigns, when everyone already knows he is fired when Trump steps in. Talk about worthless perturbations.

Now, the CIA says just a couple of weeks hence they have determined Russians interfered with the election. That is a nonsequitor. It has zero meaning. We will explain, but Tucker nails it directly on the head of a very rusty nail.

The CIA does not say Russians were the source of the emails from Podesta or the DNC. They said that Russians spy on us and if possible act in their own interests to influence our political outcomes. That is nothing new. It should be expected. We interfere with other nations’s elections all over the world. Did no one read what the NSA was doing when Snowden’s material was put up on wikileaks?

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All nations spy and hack. The bigger they are the more they do. We were caught by Snowden doing it even to our own allies. We were caught for hacking China too. And you can bet your bottom dollar we hack Russia…all the time, not just during elections. And you can be certain the US was hacked in prior elections.  The difference this time is you saw material they did not want you to see, so they are making essentially the same statement as blaming the Democrats’ loss on a blue sky.

We now have a CIA head saying that Russians hacked something, and the NSA said it as well, but they won’t say what was hacked. If it impacted the election, however, it is something known to all of us, so why not just tell us exactly where we were misled?? 

Russians hack us. Of course we hack them. That is no surprise and should not be to anyone. The strategy to address hacking is to implmenent better security, contingency and mitigation strategies, not to publicly blame the people that hacked you.  The latter is like blaming someone for beating you in checkers instead of practicing your game to get better at it.

In addition to Russians, we are hacked every day by many. So are the Russians.  If the Russians got in, why not the Chinese? Why not North Korea? Why not brilliant American hackers?  The FBI is one of the premeire hacking organizations in the world.  Maybe they should use their talents to hack Russians instead of illegally hacking American citizens and suing to get access to all of America’s electronic devices without a warrant.

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Tucker is brilliant. The Democrat Congressman is the most pathetic excuse for a government representative possible. The dishonesty and the dodging nauseate, but Tucker makes it so much fun. We are not fond of Hannity the Vanity and other cheap shot artists that pontificate. Tucker does not. He gets to the point and nails them by proving they have zero idea of what they speak.


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