When Democrats Lie: Proof The Russian Allegation Is A Weak Lie

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When Democrats Lie: Proof The Russian Allegation Is A Weak Lie

This article is the first in a series that provides irrefutable evidence from a credible and experienced network expert that the allegations made regarding election tampering by the Russians are false. 

Please note, all portions of this series are copyright 2016 theliepolitic.com. The contributed artwork is the intellectual property of Demican and copyright 2016 Demican.

The evidence presented in this series is derived from data gathered by Norsecorp. Norse maintains the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network. With over eight million sensors that emulate over six thousand applications, Norse gathers network intelligence data and then graphically presents it on their website norsecorp.com.  The graphics are intuitive and at times quite entertaining. The data is logged so snapshots of specific historic time periods can be observed.

Continued assertions by the Obama Administration endanger America and are not based on evidence, but the Democrats’ political agenda. President Putin today demanded that the United States provide evidence of any such claim or be silent  Americans should be vastly more concerned about such politically motivated accusations by the Democrats and US Media than Russia.

Claims that Russians were interfering with or hacking US targets to impact election results have been prevalent since the DNC was exposed for rigging the Democratic PrimaryThe allegations have fed a narrative in the US media to present the Russian onslaught as though fact, but no facts exist and the assertions are most frequently presented by those least able to grasp the technologies.

There is little doubt Wikileaks played a significant role in the outcome of the US Presidential Election.  However, despite numerous alleged investigations intended to prove Russia was responsible, no one has presented any evidence that a link to Russia exists.  Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, concerned that the false statements made by the US Media and Democrats are dangerous, has confirmed the Russian government was NOT his source. 

The US Media has latched onto a catch phrase to frighten the computer illiterates. It preys upon the generational transition to the computer age, in which children know more about computers than their parents. Reduced to a single word, the media and politicians continually refer to “hacking” or “hackers” having no concept of what hacking is or what it infers.

Hacking is an EXTERNAL attempt to access a computer network.  When successful, a hacker can access information on computers within that network.  Further hacking can grant access to more secured information once the outer security has been breached.  This is a complex process, but it happens daily, and it can be frightening.  One should note however, that even though many networks get hacked, it is nowhere near as common of an occurrence as the media and government would have you believe. If it was, every bank, credit card company and financial institution would be drained daily of their assets.  Most attempts to hack a target fail.  Many attempts are made, some few do succeed.  The success is usually not just based on the intelligence of the hacker, but their persistence.  Automated software designed to assist the hacker in the tedious process have been created and are readily available.  Many books are also readily available.

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Wikileaks has typically used whistle blowers, NOT hackers. Edward Snowden was not a hacker, but an NSA employee that provided data he captured while at work.  Chelsea Manning was not a hacker.  And while it may be possible, it appears highly unlikely the Podesta emails or DNC emails came from a hacker.  It is vastly more likely they were either provided by someone on the inside or because of the bungling management of systems containing secure data such as emails.  Podesta, for example, lost his cell phone, and likely had little knowledge of how to protect its contents.

In the latest attempt to deflect blame for the embarrassing defeat in the Presidential election, The CIA and Democrats have been careful to avoid stating that Wikileaks is related to Russia.  All available evidence indicates the most influential data provided to America, the DNC and Podesta emails, did not emanate from a Russian source.  Regardless of the source, people understand the intelligence is genuine, and that it indeed does represent the truth regarding the conduct of many of those in government, and specifically those involved in the Hillary Clinton Campaign including Hillary Clinton herself.

Blaming the abominations revealed in the Podesta Emails and the DNC emails on the Russians is like blaming the Russians for warning you to not step in front of a bus. After all, that bus should have killed you.  If only the Russians did not tell you I went off my diet, I would not have gained weight.  It is genuinely that absurd of an argument the Democrats present.

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Given that the DNC emails and the Podesta emails were not provided by Russia, then what exactly are the Democrats claiming interfered with the election? After all, it was Wikileaks that dominated the discussion in the third Presidential debate and the US Media. Other alleged evidence, such as Guccifer 2.0, was given short shrift and the public is mostly unaware such evidence even exists.

Senator McCain, concerned with the Russian hacking issues, has drawn fire for stating it is a problem, but his statements are not specific to this election.  In fact, Senator McCain specifically referenced 2008.

“They hacked into my campaign in …. 2008. Should that be a surprise to anyone?” McCain said.

This begs the question, if the government had evidence such attacks occurred in 2008 upon Republicans, why would they not have shored up the security over the last eight years.  Why do they only now allege it was specific to assisting Donald Trump?

Obama has most recently entered the fray with more unsupported allegations.  After making statements unrelated to the actual election, Obama is now referring back to the DNC and Podesta emails. Obama provided no evidence and presented the same lies to America about purported “intelligence”.  Immediately thereafter, he hightailed it for Hawaii to spend US Tax dollars on a family vacation.

Prior to his sudden decision to blame Russia for the Democrats’ sad performance, Obama had stated that the voting results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

The most recent attempt to blame the Russians is to assert that they tampered with voting during the Presidential election. Jill Stein led a farcical endeavor to prove we were all victims of Russian chicanery impacting voting machines.  Such accusations were unfounded and absurd, but they have alarmed voters because the US Media used them as a way to garner attention and blame their failures on someone other than themselves.

A credible source of network intelligence has provided theliepolitic with irrefutable evidence that the tampering of the US Election is a fabricated lie. Demican, who heavily engaged in PROTECT THE VOTE efforts, provided over 80 snapshots of network traffic. that are authentically time and date stamped.

From 10:04PM to 01:27AM Eastern standard time on Nov 8 and 9, 2016, Norse Corp did not document any significant traffic between Russia and the United States that would indicate tampering with voting machines or US internal communications, nor did the US government report any suspected hacking attempts during that period.  The US government would normally be observant during voting hours so as to be alerted to any tampering or interference.

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The following three sets of snapshots clearly indicate that no Russian activity was present during the election.

This first set of snapshots presents active traffic related to the NSA (Redmond)/UAE (United Arab Emirates)

This second set of snapshots identifies traffic related to the NSA/continental USA and DNC (Washington) vote stacking and Time Data Sourcing.

Finally, this third set identifies NSA and UAE Hacking Attempts or Attacks

A summary glance at the data proves the Russian attack on our election was non-existent. Further detailed analysis is provided in the subsequent portions of this series.  The fact that the data is publicly available indicates anyone can prove the lie making it impossible for the DNC/FBI/NSA and CIA to conceal the lies.  And indeed, all statements they have made with respect to the Russian network invasion are vague and anecdotal as a result.

If the Democrats wish to assert that hacking of the voting machines and the voting process by Russians occurred, they first must have some method of explaining how the traffic was invisible to everyone else.  That, of course, is impossible and defines the lie as not only irresponsible and politically motivated, but absurd and based only on the notion that America is not smart enough to examine the evidence.

Sources of information such as Norse and Wikileaks have made it increasingly more difficult for our government to lie to us.  In almost all cases the lies were not to protect our nation, but to conceal the bad acts of those in government.  It has metastasized into the insidious inclusion of classified documents to conceal crimes and corruption within government.

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