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The right to print the truth in news without worrying about what is said if you have a legitimate source is a First Amendment Right.

Slander, fraud, and sensationalism is not a First Amendment right. The delineation can, at times be quite difficult to make. This is because it has been succesfully argued that a source must be protected or sources would be less likely to come forward with news necessary for the nation to know.

The other way to skirt having written false news is to say you called the parties you wrote about and did not receive a return phone call. Most would not. It implies you are right and they are evading the issue, when all it means is they didn’t answer the phone.  The news outlets rarely say how long they gave the party to respond.  In fact, it could have been at the moment they finished the article if at all, and the statement is not verifiable or challenged.

News can be real but presented in a fake manner, making implications or false assessments based on the desire of the writer to influence you and make you want to read their news even though they are misleading you. It plays to the “Tell them what they want to hear” cliche.

This gets to the core of who you trust to present the news to you. News is not Editorial in nature. This is an editorial. News is the report of a fire breaking out in a city or a report of some factual event. The media in the Unites States has badly abused their First Amendment powers to defraud America, thus losing the trust Americans have for them.  The number of US Media Outlets, and even television shows, that have defrauded America were identified as fact in @wikileaks.  It is not only disheartening, but it now proves that they have been lying to America for decades to support their own agenda. That is not a First Amendment Right. That is presenting Opinion or even Propaganda as though it was news with no sources to prove the point.

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We are skipping many sources in this instance because we do not want to belabor the point and bore people with the facts, but will tell you where to find the facts that support our argument, which we admit is an argument and therefore an Editorial.

How does fake news work? Here are some favorites.

  1. The out of context quote. You can take anything a person says and twist it. This becomes especially easy if you only quote part of what they said. The quote will usually have the continuation abbreviation ‘…’ in it.  For example. “He said…Trump is…a bigot”.  When the full statement could have been He said that he had no opinion as to whether Trump is a bigot”.  How many would go to the source of that reference to verify it?
  2. The statement of something that is not a viable reference as though it is fact. In a term paper, this will likely get a writer a failing grade, but the public does not check that reference. Common cases are the reference of a Facebook page or a warp to some website twisting the news presented along with a link to the news that is most likely irrelevant to the headline/paragraph.  It is all about hits, not about truth.
  3. Sensationalizing. This is related somewhat to 2, but it is taking a fact or evidence that a fact is POSSIBLY true and presenting it loudly as truth. The most recent event with #pizzagate is that @wikileaks has very disconcerting evidence that there is sex trafficking involved in government. However, it requires research into the actual evidence. A person presents the evidence, and then fifty people that have done zero investigation into the matter build sensationalized articles stating there is absolute proof the people are guilty of a crime.  These will go so far as to add photo shopped images and other false information to sensationalize the actions.
  4. Timing. This is a trick used by wikileaks since they were compromised in October. To calm the calls for proof of life of Julian Assange after he disappeared on October 17, they have posted numerous lies. One is a Michael Moore interview allegedly of Assange, but the interview is not video nor is it recorded. Turns out, the video used of Michael Moore outside the embassy was months earlier, but presented as fact. It is fact. It is is irrelevant because it isn’t NOW. That led to our favorite new cliche “There is no time like the present, because it is NOW”.
  5. Under or Over stating facts to make your desired interpretation to be made.  Grammatically this is rather easy to do.
  6. Using real statistics, but tweaking them to take out the parameters that fail to prove your presentation is accurate.  For example, saying whites commit more crimes than blacks in America without considering there are ten times more whites.
  7. Using edited videos and photo-shopped photographs.  There are tools now that make it possible to fake almost anything.  It makes reality difficult to identify. On @wikileaks, they have attacked people for asking for proof of life after saying it was a reasonable request. Each time they present something involving Julian, it is something easily faked. Each time, they state it is difficult to provide proof of life when nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, we offered to do it for them free of charge (reference).
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Ask someone you know if politicians lie. The joke is you know when they are lying because their mouth is open.  We have trusted the US media to pick out the truth from the chafe and we have been sadly betrayed. The number of blatant cases of “false news” to attack Trump and the number of ignored facts about Hillary made wikileaks more powerful, because wikileaks was the only one that we knew had presented ONLY “evidence”, not articles on that evidence.   Evidence is also news, but it is fact if its veracity is proven. Each time it was presented, the people exposed stated it was not genuine. Each time they were identified as liars. Podesta lied. Brazile lied. Even Bozo Kaine lied. They knew it was real.  The media, instead of grasping onto the integrity of wikileaks in the past, presented the liars as the truth tellers until their lies disintegrated.

@wikileaks demonstrates that the MSM printed propaganda written by Democrats as news, not as opinions, as NEWS, without referencing the actual source of that “news”. The MSM participated actively in rigging the debates and participated with the moderators who were all liberal and the evidence of that is not debatable. The MSM wrote articles knowingly favoring Hillary and bashing Trump and even went so far as to allow the Hillary Campaign to edit them before they were printed.  The MSM knowingly supported campaign fraud by the DNC and participated in falsely presenting incidents of violence at Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies. The MSM deflected news about Seth Rich and attempted to discredit Assange and wikileaks, and each time they did, they themselves were proven to be liars and frauds.  CNN lied to America telling Americans that it was illegal to read wikileaks.

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Now the MSM warns others of false news, which obviously rings hollow. They have defrauded America so badly and have continued to do so even after the election. So, as they cry wolf, they themselves are the wolves.  However, the presentation of false news is tempting. False news sells.



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