FINALLY Gets a Response from Wikileaks About Julian Assange’s Well Being

// Last updated on // FINALLY Gets a Response from Wikileaks About Julian Assange’s Well Being

It has been suspected for some time that the #wikileaks and #wltaskforce feeds have been compromised on Twitter. But we received our first response from them regarding the well being of Assange today, so we feel obligated to address the responses from #wltaskforce regarding the proof of life of Julian Assange.

If it is wikileaks operating the #wltaskforce and #wikileaks feeds on Twitter. The responses we did receive were questionable, because they are obviously not true and go unexplained.

We had asked our wonderful group of followers on Twitter to pressure wikileaks and wltaskforce for an answer. It apparently did work, and the responses are below with comments as to why they are deceptive.  We believe they act to further confirm our suspicion that Julian Assange is not in the Embassy at this time.

As stated earlier the embassy mostly blocks radio signals for architectural and security reasons.

This response was because someone suggested using a radio band or cell phone. The problem is wikileaks has stated they are in full contact with Julian Assange. If so what are they using? Morse code?

Certainly they have access to a cell phone.  The Embassy only stated they cut of SOME internet services. Certainly a simple video contact of Assange would be possible. In fact, a remote communication with anyone in the media, so long as it was only related to proving Assange was alive would likely work because a legitimate news outlet would not allow it to proceed if fake.  Assange was cut off because Ecuador alleged he was somehow interfering with the US Election, but that is long over and the lines are still cut.  Someone is clearly lying; it is difficult to ascertain who is lying or if they all are.

m36 minutes ago

Many ask for for . Thank you–but it is not possible to give strong meaningful proof (live internet video) presently.

This is blatantly false. There are two very simple ways. One would be to arrange an interview with Assange by a legitimate US News reporter.  Another simple way is a simple appearance on the balcony at a time only provided to those that would take the video and provide it to the public.

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Videos and pictures presented after the fact are easily faked, and the European interview that begins with heavy metal music looks like it was manufactured by a teenager.  It is unprofessional and unlike materials given credence by wikileaks in the past.

The European interview video has been questioned on Reddit.  Reddit posts explain why it looks fake and how it is easily faked. Videos and photographs are easily altered including both the appearance of the person and the voice.  The interview also appears totally fake because it basically is mostly Julian Assange stating the manifesto of wikileaks, which was superfluous at that stage.

<<Reddit links to come>>

The next response we saw was the following which is a reiteration of the prior false statement.

The only strong way to show and immediate freedom from duress is live video with live responses.

This is a curious response for a couple of reasons. One is that it is completely false. Once again, an appearance on the balcony or at a window would suffice if there is someone to take a legitimate photo of it and/or video by any US News Reporter or better two that get the same footage on different cameras.  CNN was able to get a picture of a cat in the window just recently.  The cat is the only recent photo of the embassy published in the US Media in a month.  That speaks volumes as to the required deception by everyone involved.  If a cat was in the window, Assange could have appeared in the window.

Wikileaks provided what they appeared to consider proof Assange was OK,; now they say they know it was inadequate contradicting themselves, something wikileaks does not do.

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It is the first time they have made the statement their prior communications were inadequate.  A live video would be simplistic for any reporter to get if IN PERSON. We volunteer to do the interview if #wikileaks and the embassy would allow it.  We will personally go if we are guaranteed an interview.  That would leave no doubts. 

Note that we now know Michael Moore is a fraud, because he alleged he did an interview with Assange after the cut off, but the video was post dated and the lie is now verified by wikileaks, because it would have been proof of life if genuine.

The Twitter responses appeared odd because if they believed a video interview would be adequate, then they must be indicating that the European interview that was questionable was indeed faked. We Responded in kind.

indicates a video with verbal exchange would work. This means the European interview with Assange was indeed fake.

. The video is authentic. But we do not like a situation where we are not able to easily provide strong proof of life.

They just said a live interview would be adequate. So, are they considering that interview to not be “live”.  It was presented as a live interview and it appeared fake and ridiculous in its presentation. They also say they do not like being in a situation they cannot explain.

So what is wikileaks saying? That only a live camera broadcasting live to the world would be adequate?  That is blatantly false.  Any news agency could get an interview.  Again we volunteer.  If done in the Embassy, there is zero chance we could fake it, especially if published immediately after it was taken.  Proof of entrance to the embassy, etc. would all be simple to do in a manner impossible to fake.  Or a simple verifiable appearance on the balcony for less than a minute to prove he is OK.  Assange would not be at risk of being shot if he appeared without announcement to the world.  Simply having a couple of news reporters with cameras outside to get the same footage on different cameras would be impossible to fake from different angles.

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These responses do not ring true.  They appear deceitful because of the lack of any attempt to fully explain the matter or even have what is a believable attempt to resolve the matter with anyone in the media.

We conclude that we will gladly go and interview Julian Assange in person if wikileaks and the Ecuadorian Embassy allow it.

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2 Responses to " FINALLY Gets a Response from Wikileaks About Julian Assange’s Well Being"

  1. Mia Jankowicz   November 21, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Well, that’s hilarious. I raise some questions on twitter about your work, and I’m blocked. Not before you made an ad hominem attack on me though.

    Yes, definitely how I expect an organization that decries media oppression to behave.

    What I care about is good journalism. And while I agree there are major problems with the mainstream media, I think we’d disagree on what those problems are. And I also believe outfits like you are far, far worse.

    In reforming the media, I ask to see:
    – Actual links to actual credible material, that took effort to research and understand
    – Sources, ideally named unless it endangers them to do so
    – Informed context
    – Avoidance of the passive voice and weasel wording (“it has been suspected for some time” Who? How long? Why? On what basis? Is that basis credible?)

    And more. Which is exactly what I asked you for on twitter. Which you blocked me for asking about.

  2. kim   November 27, 2016 at 5:26 am

    Something strange I noticed when I was in front of the embassy in august 2012: there could be an emergency exit on the left side of the embassy (looks like a dead end), a truck was stationing there and there were other doors next to the building. I always asked myself at that time: is it possible for Julian Assange to secretly go out from that embassy, as everybody knows he’s a master in disguising himself into unlikely characters. At that time, I saw people going out from the left side of the embassy building, but there’s no proof to say if they were going out from an emergency exit or from another exit. I don’t know who they were…


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