Where Is Julian Assange, Dead or Alive?

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Where Is Julian Assange, Dead or Alive?

We have finally received encouraging news regarding the well being of Julian Assange!

This past election has been more like a complex movie that ran for months. Throughout the process, a primary actor was Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

On the night of October 16, Julian Assange was silenced by the Ecuadorian Embassy who allegedly cut his internet off.  From what we know of the connections in our own homes, that is all of disconnecting a coax cable or equivalent. To say they cut off the internet sounds so dramatic, but it is a simple process of unscrewing a single connector or some equivalent.

So why doesn’t Assange just go fix it? Because he cannot go outside or he will be captured by the guard waiting for him. The problem? There is no guard.


Ecuador had no reason to silence Assange, so the motive had to be with the Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. Ecuador would later admit they cut off internet service to Assange because of pressure from the US, but rumors that John Kerry and the Obama Administration were involved were later denied.

Most people believe Julian Assange is wikileaks, as though it was a one man show and it was just s simple blog. The fact is, wikileaks is a ten year old company with numerous employees and representatives, and Julian is the founder.  Others work on the editing and vetting of thousands and thousands of pages of documents, and many attorneys assist internationally. There are wikileaks servers in three different countries. That is why, even though Julian was cut off by the Embassy, the wikileaks drops kept systematically coming.

There is one problem regarding Julian Assange. Since he was cut off, no one has actual records of seeing him personally. No news agency in the United States or Europe has even attempted to find out how he is. Showtime did do a short special demonstrating nothing except that the guard was no longer present at the Embassy, making it highly unlikely Assange was there.

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Several commercial releases of information have shown Assange but they all look amateurish. Most are absolutely fake using cut and pastes of videos or photo-shopped photographs from 2012. One example is a picture of Assange looking out the window, but it from long ago.

Julian Assange looking out a window quite sad

Another is an alleged interview of Assange on a foreign radio station. But the recording starts off with heavy metal music and the entire affair looks like it was made by a teenager using his smart phone.  Dub overs of voice can be done in such a way that old conversations can be made to look cohesive and new. Others can take a voice frequency and change the voice to sound like another person. The interview was allegedly over a telephone, but the only visual was once again and old picture of Julian Assange.

It appears highly unlikely that Julian Assange is in the embassy which is explained fully in the above referenced article. However, this has been such a strange occurrence, the new information we have is encouraging.

It is definitely odd that wikileaks or Julian Assange himself would not provide some definitive proof Julian Assange is OK, which has led to the conclusion that he is either being questioned or is dead. Given that three members of Wikileaks have died recently in very questionable circumstances, it is  possible Julian met the same fate.

Ecuador stated that Assange would be cut off until after the election was over. Now it is, and the people that forced him to be cut off (Hillary and crew) lost the election and will be packing up and shipping out. So, why didn’t Ecuador reconnect the internet?  Perhaps they forgot to pay the bill?

One tidbit of information that just came out is that Sweden has agreed to interview Assange again about an alleged crime from six years ago. Julian Assange has already been interviewed two times over six years, and no charges have been filed, so it is highly unlikely that Sweden is going to discover anything new this time. Nonetheless the news states he is to be interviewed by Swedish officials on November 14. Some initial statements implied it would be November 9.

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There is no reason the interview, however, would leave Julian cut off.  In six years Sweden has not come up with a single charge.  In the United States, this would be a disgusting violation of justice. And the United Nations has stated in a ruling that Julian Assange’s detainment is a violation of human rights and against international law, but Great Britain and the United States continue to detain him in violation of international law.

It appeared until now that there would only be three possible reasons Assange is still cut off and he has not definitively been allowed to present absolute evidence proving he is alive.

  1. Julian Assange was murdered as were the other three wikileaks related folk.
  2. Julian Assange is being detained and questioned in a way that does not allow him to appear, quite possibly in a jail or detainment center of Great Britain.
  3. Julian Assange made an agreement to not be seen at all because just his appearance may influence the election.

The heir of secrecy appears much too theatrical. And no one trusts the comments or letters allegedly from Assange, but Julian’s attorneys have not announced he is dead or even injured. So, hopefully, some agreement could have been made.

It would appear to be obvious that making Julian Assange a martyr without a trial would be horrible for any nation.  If such an action occurred the reaction against the parties involved would be dramatic and swift. Because wikileaks is not just Julian Assange it could keep operating as it currently does.

If Julian Assange was murdered or detained outside the Embassy, it would be in wikileaks best interest to emulate Assange to maintain their legitimacy short term until the fate of Assange can be revealed.

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It was our gut feeling that Julian Assange is alive and being detained in Great Britain in a prison or jail and has been questioned. If so, the Swedish interview on November 14 would be a facade to allow Sweden to take him back.

It is a day by day process now to get something that does not look hokey or staged that proves Julian Assange is alive and well and in the Embassy.  If he is, it should not take until November 14 to reconnect the internet or restore service.

There is hope however, a legitimate news outlet has stated that they have spoken to Assange. Newsweek Europe stated:

Assange’s legal advisor released a statement from the WikiLeaks founder addressing election hacks.

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