UPDATE: When Are You Kept Alive By A Dead Man’s Switch TICK TICK TICK

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UPDATE: When Are You Kept Alive By A Dead Man’s Switch TICK TICK TICK

A strange website has surfaced claiming much will be revealed about Assange’s silence shortly, including keys to insurance files and the missing Podesta emails? Is it real? We find out in several hours.  Link is below.

Ironically, a dead man’s switch is designed to keep one alive. It serves as leverage.

It is common in many situations, such as blackmail, to have a fallback plan. For example, say you blackmailed someone based on information. How do you know the person would not shoot you dead and take the information for free. Dead men, after all, tell no tales.

In a simple scenario, say it was several photos, making copies and having an associate hold them or know where to find them is key. If you get to the blackmail rendezvous, and your life is threatened, you have leverage. Essentially, “If anyone hurts me, those photos go public”.

Assange added another layer to this game to make the dead man’s switch a life saver not just a life preserver. In the event he was attacked. The files acted as insurance were already in place where they could be found. Some have implied they decoded them, but it is doubtful they were decoded.

The dead man’s switch that allegedly triggered directly before Assange’s internet was cut sent out three cryptic strings of text the same length with associations before them. The cryptic strings are believed to be encryption keys, or more to the point decryption keys. Whoever had the files before or knew how to get them could not have decoded them without the keys.

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How is that leverage? If Assange is threatened with harm, he can use the keys as leverage. They are out there. Whoever knows where the file is can now decode them. The people that can decode them would have no reason to conceal them if they knew Assange was dead or under a serious threat to his life.

However some material did appear on wikileaks after the dead man’s switch triggered. It consists of a great deal of complex materials. It has been there for a month. Thus far no one has really mentioned it as containing anything directly relevant. We have examined some of it, and have downloaded much of it for examination. But each portion of the file is enormous. And determining relevance is quite difficult.


The decrypted material appears to be too complex to fake, and the keys would serve as a veracity test. They could have, however, been tampered with if someone took control of wikileaks.

It is possbible that the files on the site now are a precursor, a warning if you will. It would imply how much data could be released in each of the insurance files as a shot across the bow of those wishing to harm Assange.

Assange would merely have to indicate that if anything happens to him, those files contain materials that truly and directly would implicate people in a horrible fashion. Reverse blackmail for the hostage.

Now this site has picked up on the simplistic concept that a dead man’s switch always has a timer.


Is it real? We doubt it given all the nonense about Assange online, but we do know the truth is not coming from wikileaks.

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