UPDATE: Six Years, Sweden COMPLETES Irregular Julian Assange Interview

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UPDATE: Six Years, Sweden COMPLETES Irregular Julian Assange Interview

UPDATE FROM Associated Press:

Prosecutors concluded a two-day interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday as part of an inquiry to determine whether to charge him with a possible sex crime dating back six years.

WikiLeaks officials complained that Assange’s Swedish lawyer wasn’t allowed to take part in the interview. He was represented by a lawyer from Ecuador.

U.S. officials haven’t indicated whether there is a grand jury indictment against Assange. Grand jury proceedings are secret in the U.S.

So, you have Sweden blocking Assange’s attorney from being able to represent him, and of course Assange’s attorney is the one familiar with the case and that has represented him in the past. You have a nation that could have interviewed Assange years ago only doing it now after six years. And you have the United States being covert.  Julian Assange is right. The hoax is geared to get Assange imprisoned in the United States or shot.

Below is our original article:

Sweden is in the process of finally getting Julian Assange’s statement after six years. However, Sweden has once again proven it is a despicable nation that denies those it wishes to accuse due process and placed those individuals in considerable peril by slyly denying Julian Assange’s legal team the opportunity to provide Assange legal counsel to which Assange has the right under Swedish law.

The underhanded tactics by Sweden make it nothing more than an extension arm of the United States and Great Britain intent on imprisoning or murdering Assange”

“After UN & court findings condemning 6 years of abuses by Sweden against Assange, Sweden finally takes his statement for the first time ever,” the official WikiLeaks account tweeted.
Wikileaks also released a statement Monday, complaining that Assange’s Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelson, was not notified or summoned to attend the session, which is a “clear breach of process."

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Sweden, by denying Julian Assange his attorney during questioning, demonstrates further their bad faith and defines their actions as a malicious attack. Sweden cannot be considered anything but criminal themselves in attempting to deny Assange counsel when questioned.

A member of Assange’s legal team, Melinda Taylor, rightfully stated” As a result of six years of delays and over four and a half years of illegal and arbitrary detention, Mr Assange is today faced with (a) Hobson’s choice: either he gives a statement in which his health, memory and psychological state are severely impeded, or, he is denied once more, an opportunity to be heard.”


Wikileaks responded to the contemptible actions by Sweden as “irregularities in Sweden’s preliminary investigation, which the UN has described as ‘excessive and unnecessary‘.”

The right to a speedy and fair trial has been denied Assange from the outset. He left Sweden under threat for his life, because Sweden did not question him then leaving Julian Assange’s life in peril. Threats against his life were prevalent such as Bob Beckel, Hillary Clinton strategist, who stated on Fox News that because he did not support the death penalty that the United States should just “illegally shoot the son of a bitch”Hillary Clinton in emails from the wikileaks releases also discussed drone bombing the Ecuadorian Embassy. That is what the United States has become?

“Sweden’s failure to progress the preliminary investigation until now has resulted in a gross breach of Mr Assange’s right to be presumed innocent and has fatally harmed his ability to meaningfully defend himself,

The Ecuadorian Embassy in mid October cut off Julian Assange’s internet stating that they did not support the interference with other nation’s elections. This was merely a front however, because now the election is over, and Julian Assange has still been denied internet access.

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The actions and threats from America justify Julian Assange’s position, who has always vehemently denied the sex assault allegations.Julian Assange both fears for his life and fears unlawful extradition to the United States who has participated in his illegal detainment for years but never once made any criminal charge against him.  In the United States, he could face the death penalty if he is charged and convicted of publishing government secrets through WikiLeaks, but if the United States believed that, the United States had six years to make a criminal charge and has failed to do so.

Given that three wikileak’s related individuals have turned up dead this year under very suspicious circumstances, it is certainly justified to believe Julian Assange’s life itself is in peril.

Sweden’s timing on the alleged charges and warrants for questioning suspiciously occur at exactly the dates most sensitive to politicians in America. Once again this year, a front company attempted to frame Assange as a Russian Spy and for soliciting an eight year old that never existed.

The wikileaks emails demonstrate Podesta, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton all participated in what appear to be evident sex crimes against children.  The US Media has refused to print the portions of the emails that make inference to many crimes against underage girls. It is nor surprising then they wish to implicate Julian Assange in such crimes, and even went to the extent of an elaborate hoax.

That incident, involving a fake dating service front company, was reported to the United Nations.

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Sweden has reissued the warrant for questioning now eight times, but has never filed any criminal charges. Julian Assange has offered to allow the questioning for years, but in a safe haven, not vulnerable to any threat upon his life, as advised by his attorneys. Sweden repeatedly denied that offer until today.

In the United States, the treatment Assange has received would be considered outlandish. Wikileaks would continue on without Julian Assange, but the US Government appears to be seeking revenge and Sweden, exposed has having illegally dealt arms to terrorist nations, has a significant motive for concocting the charges against Assange.

The Unites States Media has been exposed as a ridiculous farce in the wikileaks emails that is little more than a propaganda machine for the Democrats. They have been identified and proven to have rigged interviews, rigged polls, rigged the debates, printed prepared propaganda as if news, and have been involved in inciting violence against Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters as well as fabricating lawsuits and false accusations against Donald Trump.

The US Media has participated in a smear campaign against Julian Assange, but none of them state that Julian Assange was Time Magazine’s readers’ choice for Man of the Year in 2010.

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