Hillary Clinton’s Image Is Shot World Wide

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Hillary Clinton’s Image Is Shot World Wide

Wikileaks is international.  The US Media is an international joke. The world trusts wikileaks, not the US Media and they will never trust Hillary Clinton or put their faith in anything she promises.

It appears that the narrow minded US Media and many Democrats think that anyone listens to them except those that wish to read what they admitted were fraudulent news articles months ago.


The world wants to know the truth.  They read wikileaks.org.  And no matter how many idiots in the US Media say it is illegal, it is not, for anyone.  It is our right to read and view the truth, and most of the material published is not classified for a reason.  Wikileaks wants you to be able to read it without even so much as a hint of impropriety.

The genuine problem for Hillary Clinton is that the entire world has read the wikileaks releases.  They involve the observance of sick occult rituals, references to pedophilia, mass corruption, millions in pay for play, insider trading, and statements in direct conflict with the values of Hillary’s own constituents.

Voter fraud and US Media fraud are demonstrated in wikileaks to be rampant and the description of how the fraud is implemented is explained in the Democrats’ own words.

No nation in the world will respect Hillary Clinton if elected.  She will always be considered dirt by all of the world.  She can never change that no matter who they manage to fool temporarily.

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Her corruption will bring her down, and the only possible result would be Bozo Kaine would be President if she won.  And he would get even less respect than she would.  They are not only not trustworthy, they are proven to be liars, criminals and corrupt.  No government will ever trust Hillary Clinton again, and neither will our electorate.  No diplomacy will be possible, only war.


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