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The wikileaks and wltaskforce feeds on twitter are fraudulent and appear to be directing people to send money. Donating on the website may be safe, but may not. Assange is not managing these feeds, and has not been seen since his internet was cut. Money you send now will most likely not go to wikileaks, and it hurts Assange if he is still alive.

One astute reader questioned our title for this article as being too severe given we do not know the fate of Julian Assange for certain. That is a great question and we believed it requires a response here.

If you donate to wikileaks and know who is in charge and who is processing that donation, you can assume it is safe to do so. If you do not know who is in charge and you donate, you label yourself as a supporter.  Even BitCoin can have issues. And one big pitch on the site is that it is deductible, possibly providing another method of discovering about your motives.  If someone donates to any charity or cause without knowing the facts, they may be doing a great deal of harm.  Holding back on any cause or charity until they provide the details of your donation so you feel secure is in everyone’s best interest especially given the answers we have received from #wikileaks associates are so child like in their nature.

First thing to consider is that the feeds wltaskforce and wikileaks claimed they were in FULL contact with Assange. If that was true, the feeds would be managed by Assange and so would wikileaks.  That is not the case. There are false news tweets and attacks on people asking friendly questions.  Assange is definitely no longer in charge of wikileaks.

A key contributor on reddit stated the following:

If WikiLeaks has been compromised, it is already preparing the scene for future discrepancy to seriously tarnish WikiLeaks reputation. Nothing WikiLeaks has shared since the 15th of October 2016 should be trusted until Julian has been fully verified as alive.

My speculative fears are that Julian has been seized and removed from the Embassy. His internet being cut not being related to the release of the emails, but rather as a component of a plan of 4 years in the making to as secretly as possible remove Assange from the embassy, circumvent his DMS and hijack WikiLeaks with the key team members silenced or under duress.

Another clear sign the feeds on twitter are fraudulent (and facebook as well) is that the current news they present as being critical to wikileaks does not show up on the website as it had historically. Letters that could be faked are alleged to have been sent, but nothing is directly stated by anyone in authority associated with wikileaks. When the people from #wikileaks or #wltaskforce speak, they do not identify themselves at all and they often sound like kids or someone badly faking Assange’s writing.

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When we offered to do proof of life for Assange, we were stonewalled by #wikileaks and #wltaskforce on Twitter.  Encouraged that we had at least received responses, we pressed on, offering to do proof of life for Assange. Wikileaks attacked us saying we are black PR and running a smear campaign, but we have been writing about Assange and his accomplishments for months if not years.  They know nothing about us in that regard and accusing us of black PR is slanderous; something Assange would never allow.

Then today, we received these from from #AssangeFreedom, who is frequently retweeted by #wltaksforce on twitter.  The two appear to be in sync, and they frequently converse on Twitter.  This is apparently their opinion of people that want proof of life for Julian rather than endlessly trust them with absolutely no explanation and the behavior of children.




All of these are based on zero justification, and they sound extremely immature, like a teen. Professionals like Julian Assange do not associate with people that publicly tweet”fuck off”,  “weak”, and “groupies”. The professionalism of the real wikileaks would not allow anyone associated with them call Julian’s mother “mum” and blame her for people wanting to know if Assange is OK.

Julian Assange has the persona that reflects calm, professionalism, and trustworthiness. It is essential to wikileaks to reflect the image of a legitimate news outlet.  If you have watched Assange speak on national television such as in his interviews, then read the tweets above and consider if Assange would consider them acceptable?

The degradation of communications is indicative of frauds. Start off stonewalling and giving false answers; when pinned, start calling the other side the bad guys; then degrade to swearing and calling the person challenging you names. That is an identifiable signature of a fraud.

There are definitive reasons why, if actually wikileaks, they would not want to conceal the well being of Assange, especially while destroying the image of wikileaks with childish antics and fake news.  The reasons are here and provide zero tolerance for not proving Assange is OK.

Wikileaks is Like Coke in a Generic Can

We felt that it could be we were at fault in our methods on twitter, but then we discovered others tweeting us they were also treated in the same fashion.  It appears that many are requesting proof of life. Some say as many as 100,000, but at least 10’s of thousands.

The reaction is the same. Ignore, Stonewall, Lie, Attack the person for attacking wikileaks.  It is like Coca Cola attacking a customer for warning them that some cans did not contain coke.

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Today, a fraudulent interview was presented on Facebook. We include the video below. The voice sounds like a frog is literally planted in the throat of the man speaking.  It is definitively not Assange.  Just conveniently, at the start of the fake video, the woman doing the interview says “gee, no video, ok, let’s go ahead and get started.”  How convenient!!  That was edited out of this video on youtube but it is on the interview posted on Facebook and Twitter.  If you listen, you can hear the voide go in and out of Assange’s accent and it jumps, indicative of a recording being hacked together from multiple other past conversations.  The talking by Assange is not prompted in some cases, he just seems to know, on queue, when to start.  None of this is believable material. It is a fraud. It would never serve as proof of life as has been requested and they realize that.  Voice overs and cut and paste of conversations is simplistic.  In this case, it appears to mix in some of Assange and then another person speaking that has a different tone and pitch.

As would be expected, this did not sit well with those wanting proof of life.  We have offered repeatedly to do proof of life for wikileaks, but they have been ridiculously evasive and offensive in their responses.  The tweets came in fast and furious demanding proof of life even more because this recording was so obviously fake.  At first wikileaks and wltaskforce would not put it up on their Twitter feed. They obviously wanted it edited first.  When they did hours later it was as above, but it still sounds in no way real, nor is it proof of life. FINALLY Gets a Response from Wikileaks About Julian Assange’s Well Being

#wltaskforce and #wikileaks have been compromised since Assange went silent. Not a single news outlet in the US or UK has provided any evidence Assange is alive or even attempted to speak with him. The odds against that are infinite in nature. A famous internet celebrity that was a key contributor to Trump’s victory and not a soul is interested in him suddenly?  Assange does not go dark voluntarily. He is the image of wikileaks, the trademark if you will.  He knows that, and he also knows that the integrity of wikileaks is its biggest asset. The fraudulent POL proves that the twitter feeds are not wikileaks.

More evidence is available than the fake news spewing from wikileaks now, the website is badly neglected. Assange would not allow it. Statements by Assange would appear.

Ecuador did NOT say Assange was cut off from the world; all they stated was that they were cutting off “some internet services”. Wikileaks itself on twitter broadcast that they are in full contact.  If so, Assange is in charge. If Assange was in charge, fake news would not be spewing from the feeds and ridiculous statements by unidentified people would not reign supreme.

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When one follower on Twitter asked why we were not being allowed to provide proof of life for Julian Assange, the response was.

We attempted repeatedly to refute this foolish accusation, and eventually received the following answer which is incomprehensible. It states that because we asked our followers to insist on POL for Assange we were a black PR outfit attacking wikileaks.  How idiotic is that? Asking for POL allegedly was an attempt to decrease submissions? How?

We have been unable to garner any reasonable response since. People who have asked about why wikileaks does not sign their material with PGP state they are blocked from #wikileaks and #wltaskforce entirely. Errors in material released have further contributed to the suspicions, and there are never any explanations for problems that occur or why any issues with contributors are a problem.  None of this is professional and Assange would not allow it.

The entire US and UK Media are not talking and have not spoken of this since Assange went silent. However, they continue to print news related to wikileaks as though they were the ones that published the materials not wikileaks.

The task now becomes focusing on the dead man’s switch and the decoding of the files.  It is believed based on a report provided that there could be more to come, but some files are present so determining how to decode them would be critical to solving this puzzle.

We are still of the belief Julian Assange cannot be at the Embassy.

To close, we had read this specific message that appeared on the #wikileaks feed, and in reading it, felt it was a hoax at the time. It has two specific holes in its presentation, but they could have been errors by the author. Unsure. Many are now giving this more credence and a source of theliepolitic directed us to this youtube reading of the email.  Definitely worth a listen.


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