BREAKING: Julian Assange Is Closer to FREE than ever…

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BREAKING: Julian Assange Is Closer to FREE than ever…

The interview of Julian Assange completed three days ago.

UPDATE: Six Years, Sweden COMPLETES Irregular Julian Assange Interview

The results of the DNA test have come back for Julian Assange. It did not match the evidence Sweden possessed against him. That was the from the first accuser and it means Julian Assange was falsely accused.

There was another woman that had initially stated Julian Assange raped her, but that woman a short time later admitted it was consensual. Her initial accusations may have been out of fear that she would get pregnant because it was unprotected intercourse.

Indeed, Julian Assange’s attorneys have already stated that it looks as though fake evidence was used to make a case, which implies, as expected, Julian Assange’s detainment was political, not criminal.

Essentally, at this juncture, Sweden has no case after over six years, no evidence and no viable witness. If Sweden does not drop the questioning warrant at this point, they are defining themselves as international criminals.  So, they must drop the case.

What now? Julian Assange would have no legal reason to stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  Sweden’s charges are proven false and after millions of pounds of expense to detain Assange, Britain and the US have never filed any criminal charges either.

People have been asking that Assange be pardoned in the US, but Assange is in a difficult predicament. An investigation is open (which is being used as a place holder) but no charges have been brought.  If the US decided to nail Assange on his way out of the Embassy, it is obvious that the UK would extradite him to the US, where laws designed to deal with traitors 50 years ago can be used to put him in prison for the remainder of his probable life.

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The even greater fear is that those that fear Assange would attempt to assassinate him. Bob Beckel, Hillary Clinton Adviser, stated that the US should “illegally shoot the son of a bitch” and Hillary Clinton suggested he should be drone bombed while in the Embassy. These people are mentally damaged, and will do anything to get a cut at Julian.

The US has verbally stated that they have no reason to charge Assange, but the investigation has remained open indefinitely. The US will not state that they will not proceed with charges, leaving Julian Assange in limbo.

Still, oddly, the Ecuadorian Embassy has not restored the internet. It serves no purpose anymore. Something is afoot.



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