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Several days ago Wikileaks warned of a large wikileaks dump that was a fraud.  It is unknown if the frauds on Twitter sent the warning message or if it was genuinely wikileaks. Twitter has been fraudulently filtering and posting nonsense at times for weeks. So it is difficult to determine what is real and what is not at times. The email releases have all been flawless thus far.

The concept of the fraudulent release was to immediately discredit it so that #wikilieaks would look fraudulent.  It is a likely a scam and fraud if Twitter did not fraudulently tweet the  warning to make the genuine release less relevant. The warning came out two days ago from on the wikileaks feed.

The question is, why would wikileaks wait until election day itself to make a sizeable release?  The best impact would have been yesterday, not today when everyone is at work and/or voting.  That makes Hillary’s statement suspect. But wikileaks may be holding back on a substantial release as ammunition if they feel Hillary is leading or the election is not well in hand for Trump.  There is also the possibility that Julian Assange is being detained away from the Embassy or that Assange is dead.  If that is the case, a dead man’s switch was sent with three keys when the Embassy silenced Assange, and those keys could correlate to a dramatically large release of damaging information.

If Assange is unable to reset the dead man’s switch, it may go off releasing the information Hillary Clinton appears so worried about.

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The Twitter feed for wikileaks is clearly being filtered and occasionally fraudulent posts do occur. On the wikileaks twitter page,  a headline of an article stating Hillary Clinton warned of a huge dump is their headline.

The corruption with the Democrats and US Media clowns cannot be underestimated. Lies and rigging are already screaming out of the US Media fraudulently feeding propaganda as news.

We are being denied the truth by the corrupt who have lied to us all election.

AGAIN, there was a prior warning from wikileaks itself two days ago.  BE CAUTIOUS. If real, it could be severely damaging to Hillary, but possibly too late. If not real, the attempt would be to filter out wikileaks and discredit wikileaks.


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