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When nothing makes sense, there is always a reason. The failure of Julian Assange to appear and the internet feed to the Ecuadorian Embassy still being cut off long after the election are what lies are made of.  These items are not resolved, and they are quite puzzling.

  1. On October 17,  Julian Assange’s internet was cut off. Ecuador stated they cut off the internet because they did not wish Assange to interfere with the US Election because it went against Ecuador’s international policies.  However, cutting Assange off did not prevent the distribution of the wikileaks materials, so the act appears to have been worthless.
  2. After the election was over on November 9, there was no way Assange could have interfered.  However, Ecuador has not said a word, and Julian Assange’s internet has not been restored 10 days hence.
  3. The number of news outlets in the UK and the US is enormous. Many have printed portions of Wikileaks re;eases and built a story around them. However, in a full month, not one has researched the well being of possibly the biggest internet celebrity of the year. Even news agencies such as Breitbart and Fox News, considered conservative, have not touched the story of the mysterious disappearance of Julian Assange. That appears to imply government has issued an edict.
  4. On the night the internet was cut off, the last communication from Julian Assange was of heavily armed police that had arrived at the building. Armed police are not required to turn off an internet feed.
  5. Also on the night the internet was cut off, what appeared to be a dead man’s switch fired transmitting the last three known tweets from Assange on Twitter.  They contain keys to either decode a download of encrypted data or a key that acts as a verification. Dead man switches do not go off because the internet is cut off, at least not from the site where the internet was cut. So either the keys came from another wikileaks site, or Assange saw something that made him trigger it manually. Since then, wikileaks has not explained the meaning of the dead man’s switch tweets. Much too odd to believe normal.
  6. Wikikeals has stated repeatedly they are in full contact with Julian Assange but they do not act like it. Everything allegedly from Julian is delivered covertly or through an attorney or a third party. Some alleged pictures and such have appeared, but they are dated or appear fabricated in a very amateur fashion.
  7. In a month, no pictures of the Embassy have appeared anywhere. The first just appeared today, allegedly taken Sunday, and the only living creature seen is a cat wearing a tie. Julian Assange is not the type to play dolls with his cat. And if he was there, why did he not look out of the window himself? The picture also appeared on CNN and some liberal websites that made it a gaffe. Julian Assange has always ensured that wikileaks presented professionally, not as a side show.
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These unknowns are impossible unless they are coordinated. However, the number of parties coordinating the act is quite large.  We have learned, however, that an entire multi billion dollar US Media was easily manipulated to become an extension arm of the Clinton campaign.

A letter, allegedly written by Julian Assange, was sent to Loretta Lynch to ask that the US stop illegally detaining Julian Assange and drop the indefinite investigation. However, the letter makes little sense. Loretta Lynch is the very last person that would do that.  She is clearly a Hillary Clinton shill.

Despite various rag tag photo shopped and dated images and one easily faked video that starts with hokey heavy metal music, we have not seen a single thing that would indicate that Assange is truly alive.

We had been quite encouraged that Sweden had allegedly interviewed Julian Assange on November 14, and an ensuing news article reporting that DNA evidence proved he was not guilty, but now it is beginning to appear that we have a grand hoax being staged. The problem of such a hoax is the crazed conspiracy it requires.

The #wikileaks twitter feed is being rigged by someone. Twitter has stated it is now going to block and cancel accounts, but it is only doing it to accounts associated with the right. Liberal feeds abound and are flooding the Twitter feeds.

The materials coming out of #wikileaks do not look genuine. They are pathetic articles that seem to be whining.  News articles that are published are from liberal rags already proven to be fraudulent. And yet mixed in are, for the most part, releases of genuine wikileaks materials, such as the Podesta Emails and a new DNC Emails collection.

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Something was amiss lately though. Some of the release was not totally genuine. That is not Julian Assange; he is a perfectionist in that regard. That is confirmation that Julian Assange is not in control of wikileaks at the moment.

It is our belief now that we were right originally. Julian Assange is not at the Embassy and may be dead. A cat is not running wikileaks.

We will be updating this article with as much news as we can find. But it is disturbing that in all of Great Britain and the United States not one news outlet appears concerned about Julian Assange’s well being, not even Fox News, while they rake in millions on the wikileaks news without paying royalties.




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