Wikileaks Assange Receives Death Threats and Guccifer Nails The Clinton Foundation

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Wikileaks Assange Receives Death Threats and Guccifer Nails The Clinton Foundation

The Guccifer news is shocking and unexpected. He hacked into the Clinton Foundation again, and they do not even have security on their databases, so accessing the donor list and other information was a cinch.

Guccifer 2.0 Hacked Clinton Foundation

In addition, Assange did announce releases for October several hours after the US Media had lied saying there would be no October surprise. Assange stated he has over a million emails, so had to break up the delivery of the material. The US Media did print this news, but had it up at night and took it down early next morning. Reuters is a liberal rag, but it does have the best article on the release HERE.

Assange delayed his release announcement to announce at 3 AM to evade sniper fire. More death threats have apparently been received. He has also stated that governments reacted in revealing ways to his last announcement, and NY was directly after that announcement. NY staged? We thought it had to be. Now it looks like it is all but certain.

Assange has decided, because of the reactions by governments, to release a steady stream of emails over a 10 week period. He will likely deal out the most critical ones before the election to have the greatest impact and to prevent the US Media from burying them.

The media jumped on the event to lie to America that Assange had bailed on the releases and to discredit him again. Assange, however, has never lied, and the US Media and Hillary cannot come close to saying that.

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Assange also stated he believes the FBI is illegally hacking and spying on everyone. In fact, he believes it is in many nations. Illegal wiretapping, cameras and other devices to monitor your every move. Targeting is the reason, and Assange believes the public backlash will be harsh when it becomes clear.

Assange stated he would expose the evidence of government reactions to his release after the election, but one can surmise that they were dramatic enough that he believes they were likely dangerous to us all.

Even without Assange, Guccifer can bury Clinton as well. No matter what the FBI and DOJ destroy, they apparently do not have the common sense to delete or protect securely.

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