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URGENT UPDATE: Julian Assange’s “go to” attorney, John Jones, QC, in London, is dead.  The Police report it as a suicide, that just happened to occur just before Assange went silent leaving him without a legal defense in London.  We have murder, in all probability. Hillary, Obama and Kerry are murderers and so are the United States and Great Britain. There is no doubt given this murder occurred that Assange is at serious risk if no one helps him.

Surely there must be followers that have repeatedly been to the Embassy to see Assange and that have stood vigil in the past.  It appears the US and UK Media have been silenced by the Obama administration so they can execute people without the news reporting it.  It is encouraged at this point, that all people that know Assange take appropriate action to defeat Hillary’s objective of murdering people and controlling a corrupt America.

Note too, this is not the only coincidental death at wikileaks. Michael Ratner in New York, died also within a month of John Jones. Assange’s close friend and Director of WikiLeaks, Gavin Macfadyen, died just days ago.  All are questionable deaths or downright murder.

Even the mysterious death of Seth Rich appears tied to wikileaks. Julian Assange offered a reward for evidence leading to the arrest of the murderer(s) of Seth Rich, and all indications are, the FBI took care of business.


Murder abounds wherever Democrats tread.  If Julian Assange is alive, you must be concerned.  If he is dead you must feel threatened because your life means nothing to them.

There is no more time for Julian Assange.  If people do not know for certain he is alive before the election, he either is dead or will be.  And even if not, he will never be a free man if Hillary is elected.  What is happening to Julian Assange is no better than Iran taking American hostages.  The United Nations has ruled that his detainment violates International law.


Repeated observations demonstrate there are messages being received on the wikileaks Twitter feed, but few appear to be paying attention.

The first is a derived set of characters.  The second is based on a software engineer’s experience.

  1. A consistent translation of some leading entries have been determined to say “HELP HIM”.
  2. A message went out stating the Stochastic Terminator was now running, and it appeared on the wikileaks Twitter feed after Julian Assange went silent.
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The first observation appears to be an obvious simple message from someone working for wikileaks referencing Assange and stating he needs help.  It is believable and consistent with what we have observed thus far.

The other transmission is evident as significant because there would be no reason to send it on the Twitter feed.  People do not know what it means; they can only speculate.  Maybe someone does, or perhaps it is a message, and our software engineer knows what it implies.

Terminators, in technical parlance, are termination characters found by software when parsing a file.  They are often used to automate a news feed.  That message sounds like an announcement that everything from that point forward was automated and other messages on the twitter feed and elsewhere are not genuine, or at least censored for the most part.

When nothing is as it seems, nothing is what it seems.  So people must identify those peculiar communications that do not fit with the rest.

The Democrats, specifically Obama and John Kerry, cut off Julian Assange by putting pressure on Ecuador a week ago. The US Media and UK Media are silent across the board. That is a government edict, or it would not be possible. Supporters must force the issue of the well-being of Assange before the US election. Once it is over, no one will able to stop those that wish to do harm to Julian Assange in violation of International Law.  Even if Trump is elected, there is little he can do until January.  By then Julian Assange’s fate is no longer in his hands.

People have been inquiring since last Tuesday if Assange is alive. Responses have been received, but they are all second or third hand with no way to prove they are a genuine assessment of the situation. Questions to the wikileaks feed on Twitter have gone unanswered other than flippant and sterile responses that do not sound at all like anyone that works with Julian Assange because they all adore him.  Others from the Ecuadorian Embassy are irrelevant.  They have already admitted they have conceded to the wishes of Obama, whatever those are.

A recent video of the outside of the Embassy demonstrates there are no armed guards outside. The UK has spent 9 million pounds guarding the outside of the Embassy. Last Tuesday, Julian Assange tweeted a picture of a massive number of armed police outside. There has been no word from Julian Assange since.  Are we to believe now that Julian Assange goes unguarded?

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The wikileaks feed has changed names to WikiLeaks and this occurred two days after Julian Assange went silent. Not significant, except when you search for the feed it does not show up in auto-completion making it harder to find. The Julian Assange feed is now misspelled as #julianasange.

On the wikileaks feed, the statement made through Ecuador says little other than they have extended Julian Assange’s political asylum and Julian Assange is fine. That does not mean Julian Assange is there, nor does it indicate what they can do at this juncture.  Ecuador already conceded to cut off Assange.  Once the situation changed,  there is no way to determine the course of Ecuador.

On the wikleaks Twitter feed, they state that Assange is fine, but refer to him in a sterile distant manner not consistent with those that know him.  Julian is Julian. Perhaps Mr. Assange. He is not referred to as “Assange” by the people that work for him.  Further, while he is the chief editor, he is more importantly, the founder, so to refer to him as the editor does not at all sound like wikileaks although it was used on occasion years ago.  But this message was a personal message about Assange’ s well being and referring to him as their editor seems to show little concern about Julian.

A tweet on wikileaks Twitter feed states that they are in full communication with Julian Assange. If Assange is fine, then why not let Assange say so. Why not even provide a direct statement from Julian Assange saying he is fine.  Those are not indicative of honesty.  They are indicative of subterfuge.

Ecuador has only stated that they cut off some services of the internet. They DID NOT say that Assange was cut off from the entire world. The Embassy appears to be totally unguarded, and the Embassy officials will not allow Julian Assange to even so much as peek out a window.

The Democrats have considerable motive to keep supporters from discovering what really happened to Assange until after the election. If Julian Assange is dead or imprisoned, they definitely would not want anyone to know until after the election.  The outcry and potential reaction from those that worship Assange could be severe.  Even if those reactions are severe after the election, it can be used to justify whatever war Hillary has in mind if elected.

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No one in the US Media or UK Media is reporting anything about the Embassy or Julian Assange. Curious because he is an internet celebrity with thousands if not millions of supporters and a medium sized internet company is behind him with many attorneys. The wikileaks servers span three different nations.  That could not be accomplished without a government edict to be silent.

The wikileaks.org website is not within the Embassy, but has not been updated since October 14 except for a downloaded file from the dead man’s switch that triggered when Julian Assange went silent. Julian Assange and the wikileaks staff have in the past posted news on the site that was relevant to wikileaks. Nothing current is there.

Julian Assange would not be silent to this degree. Julian Assange would not be left in the Embassy without a considerable number of armed guards as had been surrounding the Embassy prior to his going silent.  No one has seen him or heard from him directly since the Democrats had him cut off and he broadcast a photograph of the Embassy which looked to be stormed by many heavily armed police.

Julian Assange is not in the Embassy. If there are no guards, there is no Julian Assange present.

Where he is, determines how he is. Propaganda is showing up saying he is OK, with no evidence or even the name of who said he was. The wikileaks twitter feed will not identify who is talking or who is presenting the tweets.  Further, if the government was so concerned about keeping Assange from interfering with Hillary’s election, they would not take down the guard from outside the Embassy now.

Julian Assange is in trouble. And until enough people get that, he will remain in trouble if he is not already dead. Reaching critical mass to get the answer, if not done before the election, risks the life and well being of Assange and his dream to return to his family.


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