Poll Validates Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton Should Be Indicted

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Poll Validates Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton Should Be Indicted

Most Americans Believe Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Indicted the First Time Around

In a poll to discover what America thought about the failed investigation and interview of Hillary Clinton, voters decided overwhelmingly that she should have been charged with the crimes for which she was investigated.

Most means that a large number of Democrats also feel that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted and charged with crimes as a result of the first investigation.

53% felt she should have been indicted. 39% felt she should not have. That is an overwhelming statistic.  One well outside the margin for error and defining Clinton as a criminal by the vast majority of the United States.

In the Huffington Post it was reported it is vastly worse than even these numbers indicate, stating

The FBI and 67 Percent of Americans Distrust Hillary Clinton

Perhaps they will get her this time.  However,  it is extremely difficult to trust the FBI after their fraudulent DNC actions and their feigned interview with Hillary.  It is not inconceivable they suddenly changed their stripes for justice less than two weeks before an election.

The poll demonstrating that Hillary should have been charged with crimes involving her activities in the State Department is below.



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