Hillary Clinton and Obama In Plot To Start War With Russia

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Hillary Clinton and Obama In Plot To Start War With Russia

Hillary & Obama Try to Fraudulently Link Wikileaks to Russia

URGENT UPDATE: On the day the Ecuadorian Embassy shut down the internet, Julian Assange tweeted three encryption keys.  Whoever received them knew what they were.  Today, the first unencypted file that correlates to the first key was received, and it appears to contain evidence of world wide corruption.  It is extremely complex and large.  It is unclear why this was delivered now, but Ecuador will not provide the condition of Assange.  This may have been Assange’s insurance policy should be die or be incapacitated.  The original article starts below after this link to the insurance file.

Wikileaks Appears To Have Just Released Its First “Insurance” File, Fully Open And Unencrypted

In one of the most strange turns of this election, the Democrats have gone haywire. They have been blaming Russians for months when the Russians were not involved with wikileaks or the emails released by wilileaks.

The plan to link Assange to the Russians failed because Assange caught them and handed it to his attorneys who reported it to the UN.

This article is written by Assange’s attorneys who reported the suspicious activity to the UN weeks ago.


Two days ago, Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet. It is unclear why, but it appears it was pressure from John Kerry in a meeting with Ecuador. Ecuador may be planning on giving up Assange, but we do know that they cut off the internet connection to Assange and possibly other communications.

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UPDATE: BREAKING: Ecuador admits to ‘restricting’ Assange communications over US election.


The plan was to have a Swedish dating service (toddandclare.com) contact Assange to be a sponsor. They claimed it was a deal through Russia that would pay Assange one million dollars. There was also some gibberish stating that Assange was not safe in the embassy and would have to seek asylum elsewhere, which was part of the million dollars.

The attorneys turned the deal down and reported it to the UN who de-listed the company. But the company proceeded with the plan and reported that Assange had sexual discussions with an eight year old girl. This was debunked in the Bahamas as false because there was no witness or accuser, case closed.

If they had taken the million dollar prize, it may have worked.  It would have linked Assange to taking a million dollars to attack Hillary, but there is no link. What is the obsession with blaming Russia that would made the Democrats want to falsely connect wikileaks to Russia?  Whatever it is, Obama, Hillary, Biden and others are willing to start a nuclear war to get out of the jam they are in.

Just this past week Obama, Hillary and Biden started publicly making threats blaming Russia and saying they would cyber attack Russia, but they are now exposed as having tried to set up the fraud. Russia responded by saying there could be war in 2 weeks. The risk is absurd considering any American that hacked a Russian Computer could start a nuclear war.

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This is Hillary, Obama and Kerry all the way in a fraudulent plan to wage war with Russia to ensure they are in control and remove Assange from the planet.  This is a war crime against America.

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