The FBI Had To Back Off The Russian Lie And Reopen The Investigation

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The FBI Had To Back Off The Russian Lie And Reopen The Investigation

The biggest difference in the Abedin/Weiner emails is Hillary cannot blame the Russians.

Despite all the factual evidence of criminal activity by Hillary Clinton, the bulk of the activity came from #wikileaks. The Democrats and government have repeatedly lied about Russian involvement.  This time, no Putin and no Russians. Hillary Clinton Cannot blame Abedin’s laptop on Russian hackers or Putin.  This exposes the biggest and most dangerous lie of the century, one that could have resulted in a nuclear war to elect Hillary Clinton.

The emails on Abedin’s computer are directly stored from the internal goings on of the State Department.  They are in a folder named “Insurance Policy” indicating Abedin was well aware she was in danger dealing with Hillary Clinton and needed some form of protection.

Most importantly, Abedin’s emails consist of 650,000 independent emails that are not wiped or scrubbed and that can be likely used to validate every single email released by wikileaks.  This forced the FBI to abandon the Russian lie and concede Russians were never connected to #wikileaks.  The FBI had to reopen the investigation not only because the emails likely contain a vast amount of so far unreleased evidence, but also because the FBI itself lied about Russians and if they go forward with that lie, they would have clearly violated the Hatch Act.  Reopening the investigation partially undid their initial participation in rigging the election what started around the time of the DNC leak when they first falsely stated Russian Hackers were at fault.

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The US Media knows full well, and has always defended, the obligation of any news agency to protect its sources by not disclosing them.  They also know full well that sources are typically not used to demonstrate veracity of true evidence, only for stories that would otherwise be conclusory.

Pressure, however, leads to the exposure of irrefutable evidence, because people tend to screw up along the way. The Hillary campaign and the Democrats have insisted that all the evidence thus far was the result of Russians meddling with the election.  They asserted wikileaks was a pawn of Putin and that Trump was somehow connected in a conspiracy theory that knew no bounds.  This was risking war because the Democrats had no other way to convince America than to construct a false enemy.

The Weiner/Abedin emails are different.  They are on the Abedin laptop investigated as a result of Weiner’s sexual transgressions.  They did not come from any source outside the United States.  They, in fact, came from Hillary Clinton’s own staff.

The evidence on the computer also serves to prove the veracity of other emails in the wikileaks release.  If they all match, the odds any wikileaks email is fake has a probability of zero.

The evidence the FBI had received before was direct from government officials and destroyed, along with immunity granted, but this investigation is not about Hillary, it was about sexual crimes by Weiner, so they stick.  The FBI cannot grant immunity to Weiner for sex crimes to bail out Hillary, and other organizations were involved in the Weiner investigation.

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The timing is horrible for Hillary, but that is not the fault of any Russians, it is her fault for being corrupt and exposed by her own aide.

The only concern is the three strike blow of Weiner seems so well timed, to the point that people that exposed Weiner did it in the manner they did to inflict the most damage on the Hillary campaign. No matter though, that evidence is not in any way something Hillary can blame on espionage by another nation to damage the United States.  It is only evidence of crimes committed by Hillary from a proven American source.

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  1. Judy Mergaux   November 8, 2016 at 9:38 am

    STOP CRIME in America. Incarcerate Hillary now.


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