The Truth Could Bring Down The US Government

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The Truth Could Bring Down The US Government

How can the US Government prevent the truth from coming in a nation that does not censor the internet? It keeps coming, has for six years. People risk their lives to bring it to us.

Wikileaks is a great example, because it started over six years ago, and is still crushing the FBI under its weight and impacts a US election of a President. What other media outlet has that power?

Each time the truth hits on the internet another batch of corrupt cockroaches scramble from under the rug. The reactions are swift and evident, although sometimes subtle.

If the truth keeps coming, and it will, it could take down more than the FBI. It is difficult to keep secrets in an open free society with a free press. That is an order of magnitude, maybe two, less powerful than the truth over the internet , delivered direct to each American’s living room. Tough to hide the evidence then.

An order of magnitude is 10 times more powerful, an order of 2 100x more powerful.

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