The FBI is Making a Power Play to Destroy our Government

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The FBI is Making a Power Play to Destroy our Government

The FBI made a power move when they attempted to get Apple to provide back doors for every IPhone manufactured, past, present and future. The FBI needed access to one specific phone, and decided to use that as an excuse to spend American tax dollars to gain access to them all without the pesky requirement of a warrant.  Why are warrants so pesky to the FBI? We will cover that below, and it should concern any American.

If the FBI had won, that would have set precedent for every electronic device past, present, and future as well. The power and control that provides them is frightening.

When you say every electronic device can be accessed at will by the FBI, you allow them to target whomever they wish, government, businesses and individuals alike. Congress is pesky to the FBI and trying to reign them in. If the FBI gets the power they seek, they can turn that on Congress members one by one. It would just appear to be a series of scandals to America. It would then serve to scare the daylights out of everyone else.

Such a control mechanism disturbs the balance of power, letting the FBI become king. They will do whatever they must to take control, because the internet is a threat to them, and because they crave power and control.  This is further exacerbated by budget concerns driving an incessant desire to arrest and prosecute everyone possible. This time, if they win, it will empower them to an unimaginable level.

During the election, this became more obvious. The FBI has resorted to tactics that endanger or have already sacrificed human lives in America.

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Congress is angry at the FBI and they want to know what the FBI is doing. Republicans mostly, because the FBI has joined forces with Hillary Clinton. The FBI may not have chosen Hillary for any reason directly involving her election, but for power, their power.

Why are those PESKY warrants so difficult?  Well, warrants are designed as part of the Fourth Amendment to protect groups, businesses and citizens from illegal search and seizures.  States have their own laws and guidelines for warrants as well.  The warrant must be acquired based on “probable cause” to believe a crime had occurred and it must be issued within the state in which the crime was evident.  All this provides the entity with the protection of the US Constitution as well as the protections of the constitution of the state within which the target resides or does business.

Protections interfere with targeting people, because they require proof, not mere suspicion or desire to prosecute someone.  Once such a broad power to bypass such protections is granted to the FBI, if it ever is, they can merely take all electronic devices from any business, individual or group at will, no reason required.

The FBI has a way of never returning those computers, leaving investigations ongoing indefinitely.  Once in their possession, they could rummage through everything on those machines to determine if anything was amiss regardless of what they were initially investigating (plain view doctrine).   And if they thought they did not get enough the first time, they can return at any time and seize new computer equipment the targeted parties purchased after they seized the first round of computers.  

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Obviously, only computer illiterate judges would grant such powers.  Unfortunately, given the age of most judges and life time appointments, most judges are computer illiterate and compare a hard drive to a file cabinet, when a single hard drive could hold the same information as thousands of file cabinets.

Giving the FBI such power, also gives the Courts more power. That allows the Courts to dispose of human rights and US Constitutional rights at will.

One article that demonstrates the corrupt overuse of power by the FBI is on the site of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). They are dedicated to exposing and battling threats to a free internet in a free America. A free internet and free America do not correlate to the FBI’s desire for power.  The EFF also addresses rights violations by our government and law enforcement.

If the FBI is granted the power by the Courts as they sought against Apple, Congress will likely be their first target as soon as they get done with what they have going on now. Congress is their only true adversary. Congress can change the law to not allow it, so the FBI has to make sure they cannot.

The following demonstrates an illegal approach by the FBI to target specific people.

The FBI broke the law to pursue people that accessed a website they should not have. The best people to attack are pedophiles or pseudo-pedophiles (have a download or something on their computer or other electronic device). That makes the FBI look like they are just protecting children.

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People think that is fine, because of the crimes. It is not, because the acts threaten everyone, and the FBI wants to garner power to access everyone’s electronic device at will. That controls everyone, even government and business.  And the access granted would allow them to go back decades or forward infinitely to get at anyone or any business or government entity, and it is in no way limited to specific crimes, as many victimized by the Homeland Security Act discovered to their dismay.

The FBI wants to look like the good guys, just like they did when they stated repeatedly they required the powers of the Homeland Security Act.  In fourteen years, the FBI has used the HSA to attack many parties, but in 2015 admitted, that in 14 years, they have not successfully prosecuted a single terrorist based on the HSA.   They said they needed it to capture terrorists, but claim they still require those powers even though they have misused them and failed to deliver any purported benefit based on what the public believed was their intent.

The FBI lies and misleads to garner more power.  They are dangerous, and their attempt to expand their power in this instance is nearly infinite and threatens government as we know it.

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