Martha Stewart May Have Her Day Over Comey’s Prison Cell

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Martha Stewart May Have Her Day Over Comey’s Prison Cell

On 9/11, perfectly timed, Hillary Clinton showed up for the 9/11 celebration dressed like she was the dead, not the living.  Granted, the garb would be somewhat subdued, but it was drab to the max, and the face pale white with dark glasses and when she removed the glasses, dark rings under the eyes.

Hillary made it only part way through the ceremony and after setting up with her entourage and talking a bit began their parade back to the car, where Hillary stumbled a couple of times plainly on camera.  Now, of course, anyone COULD get sick, but this was about as unlikely a timing as possible.

People do not recall that Hillary Clinton had a hearing in December 2012 regarding her failings in Benghazi, which could have been disastrous for her.  She came up sick for that hearing.  The follow up hearing was held in January 2013, and last month it was revealed that the second hearing was rigged with special questions and wired to allow the parties to communicate, something Hillary denies, but would she admit anything?

After news came out that looked rather damning from Wikileaks in an interview with Julian Assange, three announcements came out that day.  Hillary Clinton blamed Colin Powell, which was preposterous nonsense, was called in front of a Judge because the FBI interview did not look quite right, and rumored she was changing the policies of the Clinton Foundation if elected.  That evening, she started rumors she was getting ill.

The following week, we were informed that someone had started the illness rumors, but she was fine.  However, she would be answering no more questions until after the election.  An election is when you answer the questions before people vote for you.  That was what appeared the most idiotic statement anyone could make

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The liberal media continued to cover for her, and it has been up and down until last week, Julian Assange of Wikileaks announced October was coming early this year.  Wikileaks was scheduled to release materials in October, but Julian is always the sly one, and says that his next release could be as early as this week.

9/11 comes, and Hillary collapses ill.  Next day, five IT specialists involved with Hillary Clinton are subpoenaed and one does not show up and four plead the fifth to keep from incriminating themselves.  One does reveal however, he wiped out tens of thousands of emails and worked for Hillary Clinton as an aide in the Clinton Foundation.  The Clinton Foundation is a private institution.  The emails contained untold amounts of classified material.  That building was not approved to contain those materials, the computers were not secure or approved to contain the materials and the aide had no clearance of any kind to view the materials.  If Hillary knew, this is treason of a very high degree.

As if this was not enough, Republicans have submitted a subpoena to impeach the IRS Commissioner.  House conservatives revived a long-shot effort Tuesday to oust IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, formally introducing an impeachment resolution expected to see a vote by the end of the week.  When subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress Koskinen didn’t even bother to show up.

Koskinen is well known for targeting T Party Members (Republicans) during the Obama years. and has refused to answer questions or face any charges unless impeached.  The Republicans have decided it is the best time to bury the crook.

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If Koskinen does not go down, he becomes another albatross on the Democrat’s necks because they have to save him even though everyone knows what he did.   If they agree to his going down, cheers will go out nationwide to place a person in such a powerful job behind bars for harassment, libel and damaging lives for his own political gain.

Koskinen is one of the first Democrat criminals to be thrown into the toilet to see if he will flush easily.  If he won’t,  the block will be in the Democrats’ washroom.

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